With the development of electronic technology, urged electrical products constantly updated iterations. Such as multi-function socket also gradually become the daily life

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-08
What is a multi-purpose socket? Multi-function socket can be divided into three categories: conversion socket, platooninsert, industrial socket. Conversion socket, is one of the traveler often use plug socket transformation of power converter. Platooninsert, is common in our daily life with the power cord and plug the integration of the towing line board, it used as a socket extender. Industrial socket, there are a variety of classification, such as: national standard socket, ups power supply, inverter, commonly used as the power output end fittings. As a multi-function switch socket industry leader, pu electric appliance is not far behind, comply with the demand of daily life and developed a desktop digital platooninsert GZWP - Type C 25/43CN。 类型, C interface can be positive and negative literally plug, 5 USB design, current total output can reach 8 a, each interface maximum current output to 2. 4 a, digital compatible, a charge more. Built-in new smart IC do not worry about electric current is too large to electronic equipment damage. Side phone support design, liberation of your hands, relaxed and enjoy the film and television entertainment is convenient. Socket security door design, prevent children from insert fingers, effectively ensure the safety of the household. At the same time to avoid dust and debris into the damage to the service life of the socket. Close the rounded design, prevent collision damage. At the bottom of the antiskid rubber is designed, make the electrical outlet of mobile slip not easily. Wan pu appliances do products has always been with the 'core', we are ready to 'appearance' at the same time, never ignore the inner products. Wan pu electric white metope multi-function plug the power cord is 1. 5 mm, a total of 50 root and high precision copper of high-quality filling the power cord diameter of 8 mm, is a passed the CCC certification of the power cord. The characteristics of strong electrical conductivity, resistance to oxidation. Multi-function socket internal PCB in detail 1. High power high current power supply, can give a high-power electrical appliances used directly, it is not easy to damage the socket. 2. Solid-state current: let more heat-resistant socket, more stable. 3. Double row bilateral cooling system: cooling speed, the effect of heat dispelling better. 4. Large enough supply of transmission wire current packaging. Wan pu electric multi-function socket - Great white desktop digital platooninsert, from inside to outside to do quality, is the escort with electrical appliances.
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