Wireless camera is one of the best solutions to

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-19
They are broadly classified into analogue and digital categories, depending on their mode of transmission. Analogue Wireless Camera generally tends to provide poor audio video footage while digital version produces excellent video and at the same time covers a wide area. The former option is cheap and not secure whereas the later is 100% secure but pricey. In its simplest avatar, CCTV Systemsare composed of a single camera which is connected to a display device via cable. This setup can also have a digital recorder in between for recording and limited broadcast. Times have changed. Today, you can have multiple cameras installed in various places but view it on a single display device as montage of several video outputs. You can shuffle between various locations with the help of video switcher. Children, especially infants are vulnerable to dangers (injuries) even in the confines of their room. In such a scenario, a Baby Monitor comes as a blessing in disguise. So what is this device all about? It is a two-way radio system (could be one way also), used to listen to the sounds made by toddlers during various activities. The transmitter or microphone is placed near the child and the receiver is used by the care taker or mother to monitor unusual sounds, who might be in another room or another place altogether.Wireless camera is one of the best solutions to protect your office or home. It is the preferred choice of many security conscious consumers. Read more and find out why. Some baby monitors also have video camera attached to the base station to display pictures of your child on a portable LCD screen while you are busy in the kitchen or on the move.
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