Which europe electric socket company doing ODM?
Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd. provides ODM services. We are committed to providing complete, cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Through ODM services, we provide first-line technology products and provide quality services to leading brands in the industry.

Tietong Power is outstanding among UK socket manufacturers. Tietong Power focuses on providing a variety of socket for customers. The circuit design of LIUJIEGOU power plug socket is exquisite. First, the main electric circuit will be designed, then the control circuit, signal circuit, and finally other local circuits. The product can guarantee the stability of the electric current. The product is built to last for long during operation. It is able to withstand erosion, corrosion, fatigue, creep, and thermal shock throughout its life. It can be designed with a children-protection safety shutter.

Tietong Power would like to grow up together with our customers and achieves mutual benefit. Get info!
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