When it comes to white plastic light switches

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-19
So what is the alternative to them? Well you might consider the use of steel switches for high traffic areas, as if you want something that is very durable, and will not mark, scratch or wear out easily then steel switches could well be what you are looking for. The good thing is like white plastic light switches, steel switches are also neutral in appearance meaning that you will not have to worry about whether they fit in with your decor or not. Make no mistake they are much tougher than white plastic is, and they will not crack if hit hard by accident, nor will they crack if you over tighten the screws on them. They may dent if hit hard but they will not crack open and reveal any live wires. Nor are you in any more danger of electrocution due to the casing being made of metal, they are earthed just as well if not better than plastic sockets. As an example should water track over a plastic socket to the live terminal you might risk a shock, but with a metal socket then in the event of such water tracking over the socket as the metal is earthed then the water would immediately cause the Residual Current Device (RCD) in your distribution board to trip out, cutting the power. So you could actually be at more risk with a plastic socket than a metal one! Steel by its very nature is tough and so it is actually a great material to make a light switch out of. It can easily be wiped clean, it does not dent or scratch easily either. All of these properties make steel switches ideal for high traffic areas. Steel switches are simple to fit and simply require a live, neutral and earth wire just like any other light switch. They are an ideal choice for any room as they have a neutral look to them. They are also surprisingly affordable and can be found at under 3 each if sourced from a good online retailer, and if bought in bulk you may be able to get your steel switches at an even lower price.
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