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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-28
What kind of strip is a 'universal platooninsert'? How should the choose and buy safe platooninsert? Science today teach you about. The 'universal platooninsert' looks like? 'Universal platooninsert' only three socket jack, jack is bigger, can put round head three pole plug, also can insert the plug of the flat head poles, even the European standard, American standard plug can be used, can be compatible with all standard plug, so to speak. Seems like a very practical, but very dangerous. Because the vent plug splicing and plug contact area is too small, so the heat is very big, easy to overheat and cause a fire, fire. In addition, due to the line of plug socket is bigger, often appear when the plug contact undesirable or plug instability, making it easier for the operation of electric shock. Just because of this kind of defects, in June 2010, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standardization management committee jointly issued the 'household and similar use plug socket part 2: the special requirements of converter' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'new gb') , clear of it is prohibited to produce, and the hole socket, also is the 'universal platooninsert'. Rule is, however, had, but there are still many small producers to profiteering risks, production of 'universal platooninsert,' and into the market. Many small businesses, street, shop, etc in order to profit of propaganda are hard 'universal platooninsert' how good, can be compatible with two insert core and three core plug. Plus from informal vendors, jerry, sales in the market price is cheap, because many people or because they do not understand or penny cheap and will be the 'universal platooninsert' buy home. Don't look down upon such a tiny platooninsert, used to charge their phone, lead to mobile phone explosion is something small, if the fire caused by not beside looking at, the house was on fire, then. Especially the old man in the home, often mobile phone put the charge went to work, so this thing have to value! The choose and buy platooninsert note! Aiming at the shortcomings of the 'universal strip', the new national standard requirement: the platooninsert poles of production and three pole socket must be in the form of separate combination, plug in and row that contact area is larger, more closely contact, reduce the electric shock hazard. So, platooninsert when the choose and buy, should how to avoid buying has been banning the production of the 'universal strip', and how to judge what kind of strip is in line with the new national standard? 1 see packaging text has been banned production of 'universal platooninsert packaging will be marked with' 'click GB2099. 3 - 1997 standard production, 'the words. In line with the new national standard of plug is printed on the package 'by GB2099. 3 - 2008 standard production, 'the words. Number 2 see jack this is relatively simple and crude method, the 'universal platooninsert' are the poles and three pole jack together, so a total of only three socket. New national standard requires the production of products are the poles and three pole socket separate combinations, namely three hole and two hole is separate, so there are five sockets. And to avoid beyond the rated current, in line with the new national standard of the strip are the two holes designed to be very close with the three holes, so can't use three hole and two hole plug at the same time, more safety. 3 the plug style 'most of the plug universal platooninsert' are flat head, only two core. And in line with the new national standard of the plug is round head, of course, does not rule out other shapes, but there are three core, is necessarily more of a core is connected to the ground, so that even when the electric leakage not hurt the body. 4 look brand 'universal platooninsert' is banned because, basically are counterfeit products, most of them without the brand name, or strange brand name. 5 the wire cross-sectional area for regular purchase, the above four methods can be enough to tell about the safety of buying platooninsert qualified. For there are people who want to understand there will be more accurate judgment method, namely the wire cross-sectional area. The 'universal platooninsert' copper wire conductor cross-sectional area is lesser, the wire is fine. New gb is used by the specified socket of the lug plate wire cross-sectional area must be 0. More than 75 square millimeter. How is your house purchase strip? Go checking to see if home purchases platooninsert for 'universal plug', if so, to be on the safe side, professor advised to replace.
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