What about CIF of german plug socket ?
Please consult our Customer Support about the CIF for Certain items. If you are confused that Incoterms is best for in terms of prices, trade margins, supply chain efficiencies, time limits, etc., our earnings experts could help!

Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd. is very competitive for its socket at global market. Tietong Power focuses on providing a variety of US Socket for customers. The quality process of LIUJIEGOU France socket begins with a full contract review of each order. Each component is reviewed for mechanical performance prior to production. It can be designed with a children-protection safety shutter. The product has the advantage of temperature resistance. Variations in temperature will not generate significant deviations in its stiffness or fatigue resistance, nor in any of its other mechanical properties. It can be customized to suit applications in different countries.

'Persistence, Efficiency ' is Tietong Power 's motto. Get quote!
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