Well, that is not exactly true. Anyone can install

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-16
The first thing you need to do is to place your projector screen. This is important to adjust your zoom range as there are quite a number of projector installation with limited zoom range. In the instruction part of your equipment there is a suggested distance of the projector to the screen indicated by the manufacturer, but in some cases this estimates are sometimes inaccurate, thus setting your screen first is a must. After you were able to find a suitable place to set-up your screen now you can plug your projector in the socket and switch on. Then set your zoom to midpoint then move back to the area in the room where the projector fills the set-up screen. After making sure that you've found your desired distance, it is time to set-up the mount bracket then power drill it into the ceiling. Make sure that your projector is in the core of the unit, the image is in perfect fit and in-line with screen. After you've secured that the image from the projector match up you can start fishing cables into the ceiling conduit. Put extra input cables just in case one the cables cease to function, you need not work on the whole cable process all over. Just make sure that these additional input cables are properly working, do try them out or test them first before plastering those cables into your ceiling. After you've secured the cables it is time to mount the projector and plug the cables in. Don't buy substantial cables; go for the best quality as it is safer purchasing expensive ones that last longer than cheap cables at the cost of your extravagant home turning into ashes.
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