We at ordinary times often can be seen from the news home appliances explosion, fire. Most of these cases because of improper use platooninsert, the author will give big today

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-02
First screening during the installation process need to pay attention to four problems: 1, the optional installation socket cable, must follow 'zero line into the lamp holder, wire into switch', the principle of leakage protection device in the socket. 2, socket position is too low. Socket in order to beautiful outfit too low, mop the floor water easy to splash into the socket, will lead to leakage accident. The industry regulation, with the electrical outlet is apart from the ground had better not less than 1. 3 meters; Dark outfit electrical outlet is apart from the ground do not lower than 0. 3 meters. The socket should be apart from the ground 1 kitchen and toilet. More than 5 meters, air-conditioning outlet must be at least 2 meters. 3, multiple electric share a socket, leading to a socket fever, affect the service life, damage to the electrical and even cause fire. Small make up remind you not to air conditioning, microwave ovens and other high power small household electrical appliances in the rated current value of the socket, high-power electric had better use independent fixed socket, don't use mobile socket. 4 socket, lack of protective measures, kitchen and toilet often have a water Canon and lampblack, so the best installation splash water on socket panel box or plastic board, can effectively prevent short circuit caused by oil, water vapor intrusion. Families with children, in order to prevent children's fingers touch or metal tong socket hole, chooses with insurance to block slice security socket. Below the author in the way of using the points of attention in the process: 1, to use electrical power to choose the right specification of socket, appropriate is big not small. ( Do not overload) 2, computer, use electrical socket used alone as far as possible. 3, buy a regular manufacturers outlet to choose quality reliable, big brands with 3 c logo, don't buy 3 without the product in the street. 4, choose socket with ground wire, and the new national standard of universal hole socket. 5, in use process found abnormal, socket needs to be changed in time. Everyone in life electricity must be careful, I hope you to use the correct plug. The above considerations regarding platooninsert, everybody must seriously look at oh.
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