Voltage is 110 v, Taiwan power socket as shown in the above, parallel two needle is American, or two needle hole, not mainland bevel three stitches, and Hong Kong, the UK, too

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-11
At the airport in Taiwan and Taiwan iron station, high-speed rail station, the kaohsiung MRT, visitor center and other special areas, can borrow outlet, however, suggest you use the socket and staff about them before! As shown in the above, the mainland's main plug (1) (2) the above two, but only in figure 2. This class can be plugged in the socket in Taiwan, so if you with figure 1. Plug in the appliance, please prepare a conversion plug as shown in figure (3), or a similar transformation is good! If you didn't bring, many stores are also available in Taiwan, restaurants, home stay facility can borrow! If you carry the appliance is to use the double plug as shown in figure 4. This kind of cylindrical, so also can't plug socket in Taiwan, please carry a similar figure (3) the same plug. Conclusion pre-arrival check appliances accept voltage range, on electrical or plug are generally clear with voltage range. If not parallel to carry two appliances, carry a conversion plug, if the portable gadgets, also can bring a mainland shown below board, commonly used to connect board on the conversion plug, safe! In addition, Taiwan and mainland have different battery way of saying, on both sides of the cylindrical battery is 1. 5 v, on the model: D, known as the 'battery' 1; C, known as 'battery' 2; Say 'battery' 3 AA, Taiwan, mainland China called 'battery' 5; Say 'battery' 4 AAA, Taiwan, mainland China called 'batteries'; AAAA, Taiwan is referred to as 'battery' 6, continental says 'battery' 9.
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