VoIP, or voice over IP, because it is so well known

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-18
Despite the large savings that VoIP can offer, some people are still somewhat unclear how to replace your existing phone system for Voice over IP to include in your daily life. So how do you wire VoIP to your home? Simple system, but safety first One way to add VoIP to the phone number to change the existing wiring in your home to distribute the object from multiple locations. Combining voice telephone jack or jacks, you can just plug any normal telephone into any jack and connect to VoIP. This is not to disconnect the current connection provider, but this process is reversible, so if you want to restore your connection, it can be done quickly and easily. Although it is not difficult to change your home phone wiring system, you have to remember that the phone lines in tension. So, if you are not comfortable changing your system, call a professional to do it for you. Also, remember that the UK legislation has changed on the house wiring, so check to make sure that your changes do not need a qualified electrician to do the job or whether to sign it off. Isolate your inside wiring The first job is to isolate your inside wiring. Find a box at his home when the phone lines come into your possession. This is called a network interface device (nid). Outside you will find cables that go into their homes, as well as the ground wire, which protects the delicate electronics telephony system from lightning strikes. Ensure that the ground wire is disconnected. If the cell phone company's property, you should contact them so that they can disconnect the line. When you first open look nid screw terminals. Each of them will have a short wire connected to the telephone connector is plugged into the socket. Just unplug your cable line from the jack. Make sure that you wrap electrical tape around the wire is disconnected to prevent anyone turning back to him. For extra security, you can leave the box out to inform others that should not be re-wire to protect your internal equipment. Close the window and ensure that it is protected. Verify the line is disconnected When you insulate your wires, go back to your house and check that the line is disconnected picked up the phone handset plugged into the outlet you know has worked before. You will not hear any dial tone or any other sound from the handset. This will confirm that your telephone line is disconnected. If you still hear the tone, it means that the line is still in the implementation of voltage, and it is not safe, you can proceed with. Get help by phone or electrical engineer. Plug in your adapter VoIP service providers to provide you with an adapter. Just plug the DSL / cable modem into the adapter and then plug the adapter into any phone jack using a standard telephone cord. Then simply plug your regular phone jack at home, and an adapter to spread a signal across the room to each phone is connected. However, more telephone system, the weaker the signal for everyone, so it is recommended that you only connect up to five phone network, to ensure that they all get the connection. Remember - safety first If at any point you do not know what to do or encounter any problems, please telephone engineer, electrician or your VoIP service provider immediately. Also, remember that this system can be installed in a number of employment characteristics, so again, check with the VoIP service providers, to ensure that you are not in violation of any laws or rental agreements.
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