To ask how much to decorate a house in the switch socket enough? Could anyone could not answer, actually leave switch socket is a finesse

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-13
Suggest that we want to long-term point as far as possible according to the requirements to install switch socket, some conventional hydropower position list today, everyone can be perfect again on this foundation. Porch socket point: 2 can give shoes dryer with a socket, and there is no popular intelligent shoe ark, one thousand, and have to leave a! Distribution box if there is no power supply connection, need to leave a socket, there are now many routers will be in the weak current box can also be used. Leisure, receive a visitor area total points: 9 16 a three hole socket: one for air conditioning, but before loading is clear with hang up or ark, the height of the installation. Cable connect a hole: a five hole behind the TV set point: 4 behind the TV ark, leave the television, intelligent box, there are two more reserved for the set-top box and home theater. Cable socket: five hole behind the TV set point 1:2 sofa left and right sides of each one, leave desk lamp, mobile phone charging, air purifier, small heater with the need to pay attention to: 1. Determine the height of the TV ark and put the TV, TV directly on the TV ark, socket can be on TV ark, the TV can block the socket. 2. Determine the length of the sofa, don't let sofa put on both sides of the socket. If you are unsure what to buy style sofa, can put the sofa socket location set to 1. The location of the 1 m high, that is, in the back of a chair. Dining area, a total point: 2 five hole socket: 1 or side table directly below the induction cooker with or cell phone charging with five hole socket: eat edge ark below 1, air purifier, or a vacuum cleaner with kitchen always point: 8 five hole socket: from 1 to 1 meter 8, above the hearth, slightly off center, reserved for smoke lampblack machine. If the socket with integrated kitchen need to stay at the table below. Five hole socket: a refrigerator suitability, refrigerator with five hole switch socket, from 4 to 1 m 2, avoid the hearth and sink, rice cooker, water heater, microwave oven, some with five hole with five hole socket: 1 sinks below the reserved for water purifier five hole socket: a gas water heater outlet, with five hole. Toilet always point: five integrated bath bully switch: 1 the entrance, warm can directly control the wind, exhaust and lighting switch: from 1 to 1 m 2, to the right or left sink, control lens headlight socket with splash water cover five hole: a distance from the ground 1 m 2, set up the right or left in the sink, hair dryer, electric toothbrush, razor recharge with splash water outlet cover five holes: 1 toilet suitability, reserved for intelligent toilet cover with splash water cover five hole socket: from 1 to 1 meter 8, electric water heater outlet need to pay attention to place: need to find out in advance electric water heater, the size of toilet, avoid the toilet block reserved socket. Bedroom always point: 7 five hole socket: four each 2 on each side of the head of a bed, desk 2 16 a three hole socket: one for air conditioning socket: hang up five holes 1 - From 2 to 30 cm, bed end or at the side of the bed is empty side wall, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, fans, etc. Note: set the position of the bed early, and calculate the width, avoid bedside table is too far away from the bed, lie on the bed can't play the mobile phone that's embarrassing! Balcony, service area total points: 3 five hole socket: from 1 to 30 cm, or from the ground 1 meter 8 at the table above, the reserved with splash box five hole socket: if use washing machine + 1 counters, in addition to a socket with a small kitchen. When will be useful. Such calculations, exclude some repetitive parts, two rooms two hall will have 50 or so, and three rooms two hall will have 60 traditional way of charging is how many meters of cloth line how much money it took, just like the glutinous rice cake, cut off line how much to buy how many, so many owners can't how to add a little bit, cause the late check in all kinds of socket, very inconvenient, now a lot of decorate a company are turnkey services, costs are already inside, so the owners with a few more also won't charge at random.
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