This summer, the weather is like a greenhouse steamed frog, high temperature warning posted everyday, go out is the physical and mental suffering, guangdong also day by day

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-26
Say my personal experience, from the earliest days of the college school said suddenly want to install air conditioning, raise to agree with our hands and feet, of course, the fan to blow out all three, have air conditioning, of course, is raised his hands and feet set off firecrackers to welcome. But there was a problem in air conditioning, the air conditioning power cord is very short, less than the wall socket, we insert the strip is too small, can't put information on the Internet saying is to buy a special air conditioning platooninsert, only the sort of plug in. That went to buy taobao screening, what also don't understand, when I was a student think taobao sell more evaluation is good, don't know oneself to know the data parameter and then compare the product selection of the most valuable, you know pick a cheap sales high evaluation is good to buy back. Then in one day and my classmates are playing LOL when opening the black strip Fried, 'bang' sound then I see the room in a purple smoke, white smoke rose from the bed going, feel to fire is really scared me to death, my mind a blank, go first to turn off the switch of dormitory, and then quickly plug is looking for a fire, just throw the quilt pull down on the ground looking for fire, but is much cry and little wool, just platooninsert fry splashing some Mars burned a little quilt, cotton quilt a lot of smoke, there's nothing serious, let me realize that after this matter how important it is to choose a good platooninsert. Believe that a lot of friends to buy things now are like me, not careful to consult knowledgeable friend, will only simple check baidu, look at the sign, see evaluation sales to feel OK again bought it, the idea is very dangerous. Water army too much now, these things are to brush, baidu question and answer many of them are at a glance of see is water army in maintenance, so you buy things must be in authority sites or consult relevant professionals to find the most suitable for their own products. Here let me share my understanding of the strip, the interpretation of semi-professional mode, guide people to buy rest assured safe platooninsert. 首先我们提到开关的材料和插头,主要关注触点,触点材料,按压是否顺畅 开关材料分为: 银镍合金:导电性好但硬度差不容易生锈 银镉合金:导电会有电光,对人体有害,危险 纯银:质地软用久了会变形,熔点低,不推荐 铜:导电性好,市面主流 其次我们看插座的材料 然后再看排插的外壳如何,排插的外壳的绝缘性、阻燃性、防潮性、强度何如这个很少有厂家会给数据,需要自行咨询客服,很多厂家会在这里做手脚,在外壳的材料上偷工减料 最后看线材,线材要注意的是线材的外被、铜线、焊接方式 外被:包裹着铜线的那一层皮,厚度如何,绝缘性如何,温度承受程度,这些都会有在线材上表示出来 铜线:铜线的含铜量多少,还有线材的粗细都决定了这个排插能承载多少电压,含铜量少的很容易过载发热会引发爆炸起火,主要判断的标准就是在20度的时候电阻会不会超过26欧姆 焊接方式:最好是一体式铜片,铆接部分少,因为铆接部分很容易过热会发生断裂的现象,一体式就很少的铆接,减少过热带来的电阻影响使用 产品功能:现在排插科技水平越来越高,多种排插功能分为多种类型,相对的也区分开了,有很多种。 Remote control strip: as the name implies, is equipped with a remote control strip, with the remote control switch measurement platooninsert: take meter can detect the current, voltage, effective power and effective power timing platooninsert, according to a specific user, you can set automatic switch in 7 days, any time cycle ( The greenhouse flowers, for example, regularly open the warmer, saving the cost of intelligent controller) : with lightning protection lightning surge platooninsert yuan firmware, equipped with a pressure sensitive resistance and temperature of gas discharge tube and fuse. Control strip: a switch control of one or more insert, have multiple switch of a row with WIFI platooninsert, equipped with a mobile phone software, can control switch WIFI, WIFI control timing intellectual cloud platooninsert: insert the USB charging line: one-piece copper bar structure is such a one-piece copper bar structure, jack and the copper bar together unibody design, reduce the riveting, lower voltage and temperature, not one-piece can eliminate don't directly. Self again look at yourself and the lug plate hand feel the design is not reasonable, looks not disorderly, believe this aesthetic issues in Zhang Dama, ladies and gentlemen. Next we'll see the functional position of the strip, is of the USB charging type platooninsert, equipped with two IQ interface, IQ interface is specially designed for the quick charge mobile phone special USB charging port, a processor intelligent adjusting the charging voltage and power, total 5 v output current, 3. 1A. Angle of view to turn on the switch, so that the switch from the switch only press the feeling to discrimination, press the smooth feeling not hair astringent, there is no card the uncomfortable feeling to see the wire, wire on the 3 c certification, product patent number, material number, carry voltage 300 v / 500 v, it contains 3 * 0. 75 mm ^ 2 of copper wire, can reach 0. 75 square millimeters proved copper materials, wire and pass then we apart scrutinize the platooninsert, open it, you can see the USB charging port of the PCB, the largest of the black is the core processing and other various accessories are marked in English at the edge of the copper bar, this is a row of priority, can see the copper bar is an integral whole of the copper bar design, copper bar is below the gray strip is equipped with safety door design, plug in that will separate, the rest of the time is closed, the finger. The row material is H65 brass, 65 copper content is 65%, the conductivity of brass is great, but poor oxidation resistance. Switch controller, the switch contact is copper contact, no and plug use silver nickel alloy, interior is equipped with overload protection, and the blue of the switch can also open it in turn to see the little lights in the PCB, capacitance electricity box and a big black thing, the greater should be the IQ controller, let's look at row of meddling in the sense of touch is also very comfortable, the surface is grinding processing, smell no odor of plug is nickel silver alloy contact, also is the marked on the product specification, type, load voltage, and 3 c certification of wire rod not to indicate, some regret, but sure will not use a good time the USB charging materials have three mouth, security door is the kind of compact, visible for more than a round head socket, exit becomes visible, occlusion will become very tight back screws are four non-slip MATS, non-slip MATS pick apart is screw, easily buckle, the screw is triangle, back label is very detailed, name, model and technical parameter, enter 100 - USB module 240 v, 50/60HZ 0。 5 a, stand-up output 5 v, 2. 1 a, total power 15 w and warning information see copper bar and PCB, PCB no IQ processing core, equipped with intelligent charging. Copper red yellow, proved one-piece copper bar the use of tin phosphor bronze, with is currently the best copper strip material, durable electric conductivity is good also high degree of oxidation. Then go back to our original purpose, I bought inferior platooninsert, because the material is too explode, with plastic shell may be 2 hand, lead to the small fire, I would like to present two rows inserted a combustion test, experiment under the condition of high temperature under two platooninsert flame retardancy. Apart two rows of base plate, ready to use base plate burning test ready to alcohol lamp, the alcohol lamp is the outer flame temperature over 600 degrees, I read some online platooninsert combustion test is done with a cigarette lighter, lighter how didn't test out what I feel, so I'm going to use alcohol lamp to test, test more ready, ready to fire! ! !
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