This column before the platooninsert repeated introduction and use of research, make a lot of users for this kind of equipment have a certain understanding, become

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-30
The working principle of principle of science: platooninsert powerline communication ( The Power Line Communication, English abbreviation PLC) Technology has been developed for decades, in the early 1920 s, when the telephone communications have been using power line transmission, its application scope is limited to within the same power supply circuit of transformer. Power line communication has been widely used nowadays, and the emergence of platooninsert, is the development of the latest technology. Strip is growing fast at present, from the early pure network signal transmission function, and integrate the function of wireless router, transfer rate from the first 11 MBPS soared to 500 MBPS. Platooninsert works, power line communication transmission signal frequency range of 1. 6 MHZ ~ 30 MHZ, the use of GMSK and OFDM modulation technology will be sent after the user data modulation. These data through power line transmission, arrived at the receiving end, the first by the filter to filter out the modulation signal and after demodulation, can get the original signal. At the same time due to family voltage is 220 v, in order to avoid the low voltage distribution network for data transmission, the influence of various factors in platooninsert also joined in the orthogonal frequency division multiplexing OFDM technology. Mention of OFDM technology, you may heard, Fried recently very fire 4 g communication technology is adopted in the technology, and give up the CDMA technology. OFDM technology originated in the 1960 s, as the military high frequency communication system and appear, its advantage is to use multiple narrowband is jiaozi, carrier, multi-channel data at the same time, each signal element for a long time, can avoid the interference between element. Available through dynamic selection of subcarrier, the technology can reduce the influence of narrow-band interference and frequency of valley point. Because of using the technology, depend on multiple sets of rows in the same used in distribution network, also won't appear interference. Research equipment is introduced by the principle of science, we for the principle of strip have more detailed understanding. To find out rows in plug in use are there any restrictions, according to the user may encounter several situation, to find out. Before starting the research, it is customary or replacement equipment used, platooninsert USES is TP - The LINK HyFi intelligent wireless suits ( TL- H18R&TL - H18E) For this product are more familiar with, you might with a wireless router function, through the power transmission network speed is 200 megabits per second, the wireless network speed is 150 megabits per second. The author use 8 MBPS broadband network is unicom, test equipment for iPad4, wireless router D - Link DIR- 615 according to the speed of software on the tablet to examine the speed of the network. In addition, in order to make the signal 'fly' for a while, platooninsert expanders were placed in the far away in the room. TP - test The LINK HyFi intelligent wireless suits ( TL- H18R&TL - H18E) Test scenario in figure 1 of the project: platooninsert extension effect test strip used in collocation, platooninsert own current control functions such as energy saving, lightning protection will impact on signal, a lot of people online, is this a parrot? The author found the three platooninsert, respectively is odd KES - 323232 d is a common six platooninsert, rated power of 2500 w, internal and lightning protection, save electricity, and other functions, not whole fairly; The bulls designed. the GN - 218 is 10 platooninsert, rated power of 2500 w, have super power protection device; Navigation in the SSG404 have over-current protection, lightning protection of the function. In addition, the author also found a navigation jia PSE001 travel converter socket, to the specific test. Single row inserts the user often encountered strong put too little room, used to add rows inserted. The author respectively insert row inserted a number of rows in a room with, then to test whether the network speed change by iPad4. And then will test result and even the Moden D - straight Link DIR- 615 wireless router network provided test scores were compared. Can be seen from the table above, test the download speed is very close to the theory can reach 8 MBPS broadband download speed. To see despite bull designed. the GN - 218 rows with overload protection, air jia SSG404 with lightning protection function, which can affect the use of the strip. Have lightning protection and overload protection of plug in use, network signal transmission of platooninsert didn't also affect multiple platooninsert use since the use of a single row inserted for strip had little impact, then multiple connected using platooninsert, can affect? The writer to insert a row is connected to the wall plug in, again with strip and strip connection, all three platooninsert test time, the author found that such usage for network still has no effect, download speed and can reach the speed of the theory. Finally the author connects all these four devices, again on the speed of the network test, the test results of download speed can reach 972 KB/s, platooninsert, adapter does not use any significant impact on the strip. Summary: the use of the platooninsert collocation platooninsert, despite the trial three platooninsert, but it's already covers common no special protection products, prevent overload, and lightning protection + prevent overload of the three categories of products. From the results, no matter the row ever carry protection system, platooninsert provide network test scores are very close. Even more than one row of plug connection is used, also won't obvious influence on platooninsert signal transmission. Walls are inadequate, therefore, home and worry about rows inserted affect user signal, can be at ease completely use row inserts. Used on travel converter socket, completely no problem 2: and the effect of using high-power electrical appliances as well as some readers have a doubt, is inserted rows on connection, also hard to avoid can use some high-power electrical appliances, such as hair dryer, electric kettle, hair dryer, in particular, the appliances ( TV, radio, etc. ) Will produce interference, this will affect platooninsert network signal transmission? The author put on navigation jia SSG404 platooninsert, connected a electric kettle, first in the boiling water at the same time, measure the speed of the network. Measured with software download speed will still be able to reach 983 KB/s, is very normal. Then plug in hair dryer, open to the maximum air volume at the same time, with a speed measuring software speed, download speed and maintain in 996. 5 kb / s。 Summary: from the results of our study, even in plug in line with and at the same time using the hair dryer, electric kettle, measured by speed measuring software of network speed and not using when there was no significant difference. This suggests that use of high-power electrical appliances will not affect strip of data transmission. Rows inserted in plant at the same time using the hair dryer, network speed also not have obvious change to write in the last: 'no' before a few research article, let everybody know to platooninsert, extension, which is convenient to use the wireless network effect is good, compared to traditional wireless router bridge, relay wireless network extension method, in addition to the price expensive, have the advantage in terms of aesthetic, effect. For this relatively new product, the user before buying have many doubts, very normal at this moment, through the actual research, should be able to reassure users for use in row with platooninsert, use it to buy directly.
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