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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-03
Now the question arises how do dental braces work? How we can take this treatment? How much time the braces treatment will take and how much will be the braces cost? Another major question is how we can choose the good dentist for the braces treatment? These all questions arise in your mind. But you can find the answer of your questions at website This website can guide you the best about the treatment of your dental problem. You can browse here the best dentists in your city that is near you, what may be the possible treatment of your dental problem, and many more. This website is a web portal of many dental specialists who will answer your every question, you have asked in the section - free dental question. Now I want to guide you about how do braces work? There are four basic components of braces and all of them have their unique function, and these results in aligning the crooked and misaligned teeth. Let me explain about the components of dental braces Brackets: Brackets are most important component of braces that is attached to the teeth. It may be made of metal or ceramic. It is attached to every tooth while applying the dental braces. Bonding Material: This is a kind of adhesive or glue and it is used to attach the brackets to the teeth. Arch Wire: This is a thin metal wire, running from one bracket to the other, applying pressure on each tooth. Ligature Elastics: These are tiny, colored elastics that hold the brackets onto the arch wires. These are also known as 'o-rings' and need to be changed at frequent intervals. Some braces, known as self-legating braces do not require ligature elastics. When all these components work together, the braces work to align the teeth and correct tooth bites and straighten crooked teeth. After knowing the basic component of the braces it is now very easy to understand how do braces work and how they are helpful in aligning the crooked and misaligned teeth. With the help of all the components discussed above dentist put the pressure on your misaligned teeth for a certain defined time in a particular direction. So braces need to stay for about 24 months and they apply a continuous force on the teeth which make the teeth move. For this, teeth need to be temporarily loosened, so that the tissues surrounding the particular teeth are stretched into the loosened socket. Once the tooth starts moving into the loosened socket and falls in place eventually, the bone of the tooth will fill around it in the new position and solidify it in that position.
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