The process of hooking up a generator to a building

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-31
What you'll need There are two main parts to the power circuit that will connect your generator to your property. These are: The inlet socket The inlet socket is fixed to the exterior wall of your property and is the point where your generator plugs in. Most used generators have a universal 'plug' so it shouldn't be difficult to find a suitable inlet socket. The transfer switch on the other hand is a bit more complex and is the part of the circuit where the change over from mains electricity to generator electricity takes place. Your transfer switch Your transfer switch needs to be located close to your consumer unit or fuse box. In terms of the electrical circuit it is placed between the utility meter and the fuse box so that both mains electricity and generator electricity can come into it. Obviously when one power source e.g. the generator, is active the other one i.e. the mains, isn't so there is never a conflict between the two. The transfer switch connects to the circuits in your home or industrial unit that you want to provide power to in the event of a power cut. It uses your property's own wiring systems to power the necessary appliances, making it the safest and most reliable method of connecting generators and buildings. There are two main types of transfer switch: Manually operated transfer switches require you to manually turn circuits on and off in order to manage the load you place on your generator. Having things like lights and downstairs plug socket circuits working may mean you don't have enough power output left for upstairs plug sockets (if they are on separate circuits). So, you will need to manually turn off one circuit in order to turn another on and prevent a generator overload. Manually operated switches are the cheaper option because they are much easier to install. Automatic transfer switches are programmed to prioritise certain circuits within your property so that you don't have to manually turn circuits on and off during a power cut. This makes a generator overload virtually impossible and makes the best use of your power input without you doing anything.
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