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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-27
If there is no excess power socket can be used in the home, can only use mobile strip, it also must choose high power designer platooninsert, safety performance is high. Many families do not have leakage protection, in case of short circuit when the main switch power cannot be automatically, if you are using a small strip to run a treadmill, one thousand in short circuit and burned, easy to cause fire. So be sure to use the original power socket on the wall and high power flashboard. Running machine is the most appropriate place: we placed the treadmill is best placed in the bedroom, sitting room, such as dry is not easy to damp places, waterproof socket must be well done, not into the water. Life is mostly single-phase 220 v power supply, electricity wires usually have two home, is a piece of wire, one is zero, zero is not charged, but not zero, not form loop current will not be able to work; But why do we have the zero line, electric refrigerator, electric fans, washing machines and other electrical grounding line? Electricity is one of the greatest human invention, now every aspect of our lives without electricity. But at the same time, can't see, electricity is imperceptible to the touch. Small one thousand electric shock, current fortunately, but if too much electricity, will endanger people's lives, 'electricity eating tigers' is about to eat people. In order to ensure the personal safety, people for appliances increased the third line - protection of ground wire, hereinafter referred to as ground. Ground a head into the electrical appliances shell, a head and buried grounding connection. As a result, when the internal damage of the insulation of the electrical appliances, electricity from ground to underground, people don't have to worry about will get an electric shock. But may be someone will say: 'appliances I have seen a lot of, can never see what line connected to the underground? ” ? Ground wire, not from each appliances connected to a wire, and then buried into the ground. We know that most of the electric jack has three, the top is a grounding, call landlines. The function of ground wire has three: one is one thousand electric shock can reduce the electric shock when leakage voltage; The second role is now use the switch equipment is leakage protector commonly, when the leakage current through the ground trip circuit, and without a protector of the zero sequence current transformer, such as detect the leakage current, power protector action automatically; The third is that if use air switch, can increase the short circuit current, open action without electricity. In simple terms is to prevent electric shock hazard. A, firewire, for zero, estimates of ground wire, ground zero, the three wires are not very understanding, begin by telling you here tell me the differences between these three wires. 1, wire: once the firewire plug, the human body contact, will get an electric shock. 2, the zero line: from the electric equipment, the voltage difference between zero line and the line of fire of 220 v. But after the power supply is connected, it won't power to the people. Generally conductive 3, ground wire, metal, and most of the electrical appliances shell is metal, ground existence is contact with the ground, between the earth and the zero line voltage difference of 0 v, this can prevent the leakage. Also explain at the same time, the socket is not install ground situation, why the microwave will get an electric shock. Don't assume that installed the leakage protector, ground wire can be saved. No one can guarantee the leakage protector will never leak, usually only at the time of the leakage, leakage protector will have effect. Home appliances used long, leakage switch could often trip. If you buy good quality is the leakage protector, but if your leakage protector is fake home and no earth wire, and it is hard to avoid can appear dangerous.
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