The new 8X is a genuine alternative in mobile

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-26
HTCs 8X has the best technology driving the other phones far behind. The hardware makes it leap forwards with respect to its design. 8X is the high end handset offering Windows interface. It comes in violet, red and acid yellow colors, besides the traditional black. The 8X shell is in polycarbonate with a matt finish. This curved cornered case is tough to take a scratch or dent. The phone is 130g, cushion shaped. Its back is a bit bulging housing the battery and features thinner tapering edges. The power socket and the primary mic are at the bottom that the left hand side is free. The screen is of black gorilla glass and beats iPhone 5 as it is wider and longer than iPhone 5. The sound is an extra sweetener. The extra amplifier cranks up to 2.5V and the handset come with the audio technology of Dr Dre's Beats. It is enough to pump up the volume. The 8X handset features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual core processor featuring 1GB RAM. It has a Huawei Ascend, quad-core headline grabbing processor. The camera of 8Xs is the best in comparison to all rival models. The 8X does not feature panorama or the 30 shots per second mode. Here, the shooting, shutter speed, resolution and color are adjustable. The resolution of the video camera records in 1080p, good to view on a TV set and is regarded to be the high definition today. The 8X now comes in different sizes facilitating creating a dynamic, personalized homescreen. The apps quality and range is good. The calendar looks great with large writing and is available by day or by month, but does not feature viewing weekly appointments. The price is appealing than Nokia and today HTC Windows 8X is one of the Android phones in India. The 8X is available and is a worthy torchbearer in the Windows phone range. The full range Beats audio system is excellent and its audio amplifier boosts the audio jack, thereby improving sound quality of the speaker. The Windows 8X sync perfectly with laptop, PC, xbox video and mobile PC game system.
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