The electrical socket market has changed considerably

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-10
It is true that floor sockets existed before the introduction of metal faceplates but in this case the metal covers were invariably a separate cover to keep the insulation integrity of the sockets absolute at all times. Now it is possible to get the cover and socket as one integral unit. The floor socket is ideal in many applications as they are easy to use, do not take up wall space that may be useful to put cupboards or storage cabinets or other furniture against. In many cases the electrical cable runs are easier to gain access to as it is easy to insert the suitable electrical cable conduits into the floor during construction and easier to gain access for repairs. There is a superb range of floor sockets available in a range of different materials from brass to steel with a range of different finishes such as antique brass, satin and brushed steel and a range of chrome finishes. The sockets can be single or double although in this case the double socket needs a separate metal cover for each socket so that one is protected whilst the other is in use. There are a range of International power sockets and a full range of communication sockets for television aerials and telephone access available for floor mounting and this gives the designer another route to examine when the original construction is planned.
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