The arrival of the hot summer let air conditioning and fan start big load operation, followed by the rise in electricity consumption. Summer load increase

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-09
In the summer and changeful environment, safety become the problems should be noticed in our life should be, summer use platooninsert safety are more important, covet is cheap the inferior platooninsert exist safe hidden trouble should not be ignored. Inferior platooninsert not only durable performance is poor, and deficiencies in design and materials and is easily overlooked by the user, the safe hidden trouble or worthy of attention. Inferior platooninsert pose a safety hazard in this paper, the combination of summer environment and electrical usage, revealing the safe platooninsert for you the functionality and performance, through the function of the different products and safety performance allows you to choose more suitable for their own safe platooninsert, create safe and comfortable environment. As an important part of insulation and protection circuit, platooninsert shell is not to be ignored. Shell except necessary insulation performance, but also have good flame retardancy, so that we can more limit to protect the safety of users and appliances. Especially in the hot summer, also easily lead to higher environmental temperature inferior platooninsert conditions such as deformation, thus produce risk. Do not have flame retardant properties of the shell pose a safety hazard according to the row of new gb standard, under 650 degrees Celsius heat wire contact, platooninsert shell ( The insulation part) There will not be on fire, Or self-extinguishing flame in 30 seconds) Situation is qualified. Possess the properties of flame retardant platooninsert shell for most because strip and cause safety accidents, the shell to a great extent, determines whether can all result in a fire. Don't have flame retardant properties of row in short circuit or near the high heat source can easily catch on fire danger, has the security hidden danger. Not strong enough shell is easy to break, in addition, should also have a certain ability to resist impact, so that you can avoid when users in the use of a fall or collision of casing damage, exposed conductive part of the internal, pose danger to users and appliances. For different platooninsert, internal materials and details are also produce difference is an important part of. Strip using wire is different, also led to the performance of the different work. Rows inserted inside the copper with inferior quality in order to reduce costs, tend to choose wire at lower prices, some of the wire of copper purity is not high, and even the iron wire products, there are a number of products to choose wire, small cross section of the line of the cooling performance is bad, when used in high power the heat faster, in the summer of the high temperature environment are more likely to happen. Hybrid protection door ( Function signal, to imitate) Also need to be aware of is the plug in the socket distribution should be reasonable. Many users in order to facilitate and choose the multi-purpose socket outlet, but due to its socket shape is irregular, and the plug contact area is not large also, easy to cause overheating socket and the plug is loose, there is also a safe hidden trouble, so should give preference to conform to the requirement of national standard bore three and two separate set of strip. Summer air conditioning and refrigeration are operational, power consumption is increased, the increase of the overall power consumption of platooninsert protection function put forward more requirements. Integration on the switch of the overload protection module in a row on the use of multiple power electrical equipment, electrical overload would happen, could lead to the household appliances burning, so in order to protect the electric equipment, should choose to have overload protection products. Independent overload protection module in addition, in order to avoid electrical appliances as damp, damage, aging or use conditions appear leakage phenomenon, some safe platooninsert installed leakage protection function, to avoid harming appliances and users. Electric leakage protection plug leakage protector usually includes reset button, the leakage test button and a red power indicator light. Only when the users in the use of insert the socket can be, to be leakage test before using. By simulating the condition of the leakage, leakage test button to ensure the leakage protector can work normally. After the leakage test button, leakage protector can in a very short period of time to cut off the power supply, just press the reset button can be normal use. Platooninsert leakage protection module leakage protector for internal use special intelligent IC chip design, in the leakage current is more than 10 mah 0. 1 seconds completely disconnect the power supply connected, so that it can effectively protect the personal safety of users. In summer thunderstorm weather, lightning is also easy to damage the electronic equipment, users need to have lightning protection function of strip to protect the safety of electrical appliances. Inferior platooninsert not have lightning protection function, at the time of thunder, induction lightning may affect connection platooninsert appliances and even damage electrical appliances, such happening probability is small, but for the important data of valuable electrical appliances or users, the lightning protection function is very practical. Row with lightning protection instructions also note that the lightning protection function of platooninsert also need to connect all the normal line to have the effect of lightning protection, users should pay attention to see the product description before use the product, right to open the corresponding security functions, so as to effectively play the protection function of the product. Red box of lightning protection module, you can see that the safety of the strip about users and electrical safety performance, at the time of use or need to cause enough attention. When selecting a strip is, of course, not function, the more the better, is not the more expensive the better, and to choose according to their actual use environment safe platooninsert products, so as to provide a more appropriate safe environment. Summer home electricity load is bigger, in this case use inferior platooninsert tend to be unsafe. So what kind of plug is suitable for the user, safety performance and how to reflect, this article provides a realistic analysis of the use.
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