Switch socket industry forecast analysis report

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-15
Switch socket Industry Forecast and Analysis Report, including the analysis of the main points: Predict the capacity and change of switch socket industry market, the development of production and its trends forecast switch socket industry. Diversified needs of life, make the single lighting products have been gradually lost the living space, consumer demand change urged products in fashion, taste, sentiment, intelligent, environmental protection and class for higher level of upgrade. With the Internet penetrate in lighting industry increasingly; the whole marketing environment has undergone enormous changes. Brand communication has entered the system three-dimensional era. How to use it for three-dimensional marketing? It will become the important homework in corporate brand marketing. Famous Japanese management guru Ohmae Kenichi said, grasp the trend is more important than seize the opportunity. Strategy of 'hold high and play low' during the brand melee make second-tier enterprises achieve leapfrog development. But we do not ignore that these brands has a more long-term accumulation of product development, deep plowing channels, brand awareness and reputation. Especially the system of marketing events after the floor is the key to advancing. Last year, many brand companies in the marketing and promotion has started to break away from thinking mode of a single, short-term and take a systematic three-dimensional marketing, and effect is obvious. Such as Fukuda electrical, the Hong gung lighting, Kaman lighting, all of them have adopted a multi-dimensional level of the sea, land and air to promote gradually. Their marketing innovations not only boost the confidence of dealers, but also eventually reached across from the industry to the brand of the Volkswagen brand, thus affecting the end-consumer. From the primary research and development of innovative products, the image model projects for the guidelines, the concept of advertising and promotional campaigns for auxiliary service team to follow up the steady policy framework for the landing. The product, brand strength, channel power are three marketing indispensable vigorously channel. Switch socket industry, the product force is more important, it is inextricably linked with the channel. The Fustian electrical put forward the concept switches 'point' and the advent of 'point switch 'as the opportunity. On the town lights exhibition, the Fustian introduced the point switch series new members-'Art switch', implement 'pull sink' channel strategy. While Continue to stabilize and open up three or four markets and invisible channels, infiltrate to a secondary market. Dongguan Hushun Hardware Electron Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in all kinds of precision metal stamping parts, the products are widely used in electronics, switch, toys, lighting, furniture, computer accessories, , communication, digital, safety control, etc. And the products are Switch socket, Stamping parts, Computer peripheral, plastic part, Car accessory, Hardware terminal.
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