Strip, scientific power converter, in daily life we also call it the lug plate or mobile socket, English name is relocatable power taps

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-05
Strip in life bring convenience to people at the same time, there are also some potential safety hazard and fire disaster caused by bad strip are numerous, in grief also let us to think about how wise choice strip, according to the relevant authorities, the survey found safety factors relative to the price and appearance, become modern people first consideration when choosing a strip, how to improve the strip security will become must solve the problem of strip production company, strip parts include: switch, plug sleeve - Copper pieces, the power cord - Wire and shell Plastic pieces of the shell is decided to strip, security is an important part of the strip shell with engineering plastics exactly what performance requirements? 1. Platooninsert safety inspection technical indicators of shell with engineering plastics request 1. 1 mechanical strength strip shell should have enough mechanical strength, in order to avoid when impacted by external force, influence the continue to use damage, specific test methods for, low-temperature impact experiment: sample in - 15 ℃ placed at least 16 h, under the condition of weight is 1 kg impact hammer impact on a height of 100 mm, is allowed to damage after test ( Cracks) 。 1. 2 abnormal heat resistance, resistance to combustion and tracking platooninsert insulation parts should be able to absorb a certain amount of resistance to abnormal heat and fire resistant and tracking performance. New gb GB2099 - glow wire test Can strip plastic parts should be specified in the 2008 by 750 ℃ glow wire test, or even higher, industry standards tend to 850 ℃. As shown in figure 1, glow wire 850 ℃ calcination to strip the insulation parts after the 30 s, will be the flame, sample fire should be extinguished within 30 seconds. Its burning drops should not be lit its thin silk paper below 200 mm. Figure 1 strip shell glow wire test tracking test according to 100 ml of distilled water resistant 0. 1 g ammonium chloride liquid preparation experiment, insulation parts with tracking test unit with 175 v ac voltage, and then test drops, in over 50 drops test fluid shall not appear before flashover or breakdown phenomenon. 1. 3 heat platooninsert shell should have good heat resistance performance. Specific test methods are: the sample in a temperature of 1000 c + 20 c for 1 h in the heating box, during the test, the sample shall not affect the change of the future use, sealant do not show live parts, after the test, mark is still legible. The ball pressure test: test the temperature of 125 ℃, the test time of 1 h, after test, the indentation diameter should be 2 mm or less. 1. 4 mobile platooninsert and aging resistance conversion strip should have good ageing resistance, resistance to aging test as shown in figure 2, the heating temperature is 70 ℃ box plus or minus 2 ℃ for 7 d ( 168 hours) Later, at room temperature and relative humidity between 45% and 55% deposit environment at least 96 hours, there will not be sticky plastic become slippery ( Use dry cloth wrapped around the fingers, to 5 n force pressure on the sample, the sample should not leave scar, sample material should not stick cloth) Damage, crack, obvious deformation, etc. Figure 2 platooninsert shell aging resistance test in order to ensure the safety of the strip, as strip shell with engineering plastic must be through the above several performance indicators, including mechanical strength, flame retardant, CTI, and heat resistance is the key performance indicators, and we know that the flame retardant performance boost tend to sacrifice material mechanical strength, CTI value, so how to balance is also the difficulty of research and development at the same time satisfy the above indicators. 2. Strip shell is commonly used engineering plastics at present, most companies are using ABS, PC materials such as table 1, but the material has some deficiencies such as: ABS is not heat resistant, flame retardant is poor and easy to turn yellow; PC processing illiquid, easy to produce internal stress and expensive. Table 1 strip shell commonly used engineering plastics electric strip, in the market because of the high safety coefficient and light quality and cost-effective was sought after by the majority of users, the various properties of the material as shown in table 2:
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