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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-26
Before any cleaning or defrosting can take place you must make sure your fridge freezer is switched off at the main plug socket in the wall. You can then begin to remove any food or drink and if possible place them in a cool box or bag to keep them at the right temperature. Once your kitchen appliance is completely empty you must then open and leave open all the doors as this will begin the defrosting process. Step 2: As the defrosting process begins to take shape, you must remove all shelves within the fridge and do the same within the freezer, making sure any ice-trays are placed on a drainer to allow the ice to melt away. You must wait for both the fridge and the freezer to finish defrosting before any type of cleaning can take place. Step 3: Once your fridge freezer has been completely defrosted, you can then begin the cleaning process. To successfully clean your freezer you can use a scourer with a clean bowl of water along with glycerine. Glycerine will act as an anti-freeze, making the ice fall off in sheets which will reduce the defrosting time next time around. To successful clean your fridge you can again use a scourer with a bowl of clean water along with a disinfectant spray to remove any germs. Also make sure you clean all the shelves and ice-trays that need to go back into the appliance. Step 4: You must make sure after thoroughly cleaning your fridge and freezer that you thoroughly dry the whole kitchen appliance with paper towels. After drying your american fridge freezer you can then begin to insert your shelves and ice-trays back into their original positions. You can if preferred, leave all the doors open on your american fridge freezer to allow more time for the appliance to dry naturally. Once you are satisfied that your fridge freezer is completely dried out, you can begin to place your food and drink back into the fridge and freezer. This is a step by step guide on how to successfully clean and defrost your American fridge freezer.
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