Socket is indispensable in the daily life of electrical system, and in order to use more in life, many people would choose no

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-06
Platooninsert, also known as drag line board, lug plate, strip, is more than a socket collectively, professional officially named extension cord or wire socket extension components. Extend the benefits of household socket can be increase household socket number, and can move freely over the socket, can connect more than one power plug, saving space, adjusting circuit. The ever-changing life, innovation and challenge, there has been a 'forward' socket. More than from the extension cord platooninsert development into line with no extension of household outlet, a growing number of multi-functional household socket extension converter appear in our life. In order to meet the needs of different users, also introduced many household extension socket, make your home more 'intelligent'. Household expansion socket WP - The 330 series, the function is very diverse. Let's detailed explanation, the multi-purpose household socket is how to use and how to choose suitable for you to use the insert row. These two rows inserted in common: 1. Turn the sanduo power socket, can convert a national standard three hole socket to socket, three sets of new gb five holes can be used at the same time three electric equipment, and various electrical plug when use, mutual interference. 2. Double open double-break switch design: double double break is in single sheet will be improved on the basis of broken electricity safety measures, and at present most of the family, especially about the socket is still a single order, broken once zero firewire upside, zero line still have electricity, electricity safety hidden trouble. The security innovation of 16 a large current double open double safety switch socket, disconnect completely, 0. 65 thickening lugs, use more secure. Switch, more convenient, decrease The Times of pull out plug socket and increase the service life of the strip. The difference between the two rows inserted: are with and without the line. Without a line is suitable for use in household, benefit is reduce the problem of household power outlet line disorder, especially families with young children and the elderly, reduce the risk of tipping over. And with a line strip is suitable for traveling, hotel, is far less socket, with a line of line plug socket to use, can extend more convenient. Then look at the two with a USB plug, on the basis of the above two paragraphs platooninsert reduce double open double-break switch, increase 3 USB socket. More and more people are now using the 3 c electronic products, without an additional charger, can charge directly to electronic products, increase the socket is practical, to reduce the complexity of using socket. Finally it with double open double-break switch six multi-purpose socket, on the basis of the first cable socket more expand the three new gb socket, can drag more use electrical appliances. A magical function, the other is that between two slices of socket can be stretched, used for office desktop, colleagues use more warmth. All row inserted through the CCC safety certification, socket with safety door, platooninsert can drag 2500 w electrical appliances at the same time, the quality is guaranteed. Whether at home or out travel use, is safe.
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