Socket drawings standard

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-07
Socket for paper drawings shall be based on layout, furniture, interior door, electric appliance, sanitary ware are expressed as a broken or grey lines; Strong and weak electricity socket must appear on the drawings at the same time, with black line, convenient authentication between plug and socket furniture, the relationship between the spacing is undeserved, prevent a weak electrical outlet or socket covered with other indoor objects cannot be used. Switch drawings shall be based on top of the layout for the papers, lamps and lanterns, condole top modelling are expressed as a dotted line will be gray line, switch to black line, black line connection between switch and lamps and lanterns. Switching arrangement, should pay attention to and the relationship between the socket, can do alignment shall be aligned up and down, up and down and with clear words marked on the drawing. Socket figure piece socket height calculation unit for mm, from decorate floor finish surface calculation to socket at the bottom of the panel. The default common socket installation height is 300 mm, the default air conditioning socket height is 2100 mm, height do not marked by default. At the top of the mesa socket in DT, socket annotation for the CL, ground socket in FL. Switch socket installation height calculation unit for mm socket, calculated from decorate floor finish surface to the bottom of the socket panel. At the top of the mesa socket in DT, socket annotation for the CL, ground socket in FL. 1, under the general socket along when away from ground zero. 3 meters, and installed in the same height, are no more than 5 mm; 2, the sitting room the bedroom each metope, the distance between the two sockets when no higher than 2. 5 meters, corner 0. 6 m range, install at least one spare sockets; 3, the washing machine electrical outlet is apart from the ground 1. 2 m to 1. Between 5 meters, best choice with switch triode outlet; 4, refrigerator socket from ground zero. 3 m or 1. 5 meters ( According to the refrigerator location) , and the appropriate choice list three pole socket; 5, separation, hang wall air conditioning socket should be reserved according to the outlet pipe hole is apart from the ground 1 position. 8 meters set, window air conditioner outlet can be apart from the ground 1 beside the window. 4 meters set, cabinet air conditioner outlet should be from ground zero in the corresponding position. Set 3 meters; 6, when according to kitchen cabinet design, lampblack machine outlet installed in the distance to 1. 8 m to 2 m height, best can take off a platoon is Shadowed pipeline; 5 m installation, pay attention to the above don't plug in electric heater; 8, terrace electrical outlet is apart from the ground when in 1. More than 4 meters, and as far as possible to avoid the sunshine, rain and scope. 9, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, socket installation when away from the area with water as much as possible. As near as well as extra socket splash box. Basin by lens can be set up hair dryer and shaving with a power socket, 1 from the ground. 5 ~ 1. It is advisable to 6 meters; 10, nearly hearth place shall not be installed above the socket. The drawing instance
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