Portable Media Players are becoming increasingly popular

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-07
Portability Obvious, right? Not really. Most buyers get so engrossed in the other features of their players that they overlook arguably the most important feature: how easy is it to carry around? This itself comprises three aspects. First, how bulky is it? Some players fit into a child's hand. Other are bigger than a bear's hand. (You won't won't want to carry a bulky player around for long, trust me.) Second, how heavy is it? Small players can be heavy too! Third, does it have awkward sharp edges? These can scratch you. So you see, more than functions, portability is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to choosing a player! Battery life Next, battery life. You can't play media on the go without power. Yet, once again, people seldom consider the battery life of a player when actually choosing a player. Ooh, look at the big screen! Look at the groovy user interface! Battery life? What's that? Look, no power means no media, ok? Never forget this. You don't want to be looking for new batteries, or a power socket every other hour. Media Compatibility For some reason, I always hear my friends complaining about how their super cool player can't play one file format or another. It is very easy to assume that your shiny new gadget can play EVERYTHING...when this is seldom the case. Always do your research and find out what your player can or cannot do. And be careful of salesmen who tell you their players can OBVIOUSLY play anything. Personally I trust the internet more than I do sneaky salesmen. Buy smart! You see, these mistakes are actually very obvious, but people make them every single day all over the world. I hope that you will remember these points when you next go hunting for your new Portable Media Player. It's not that hard to choose the right player. You just need to do research!
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