Platooninsert, also known as drag line board, strip, mobile socket, such as professional as the power converter. Used to connect wall fixed socket

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-15
Diversification of industrial equipment and household appliances, often also would use the strip. And a lot of electrical equipment at the same time in a row with many see, so the stand or fall of a strip could directly affect the all kinds of electrical equipment of electric safety, and also closely related to people's life property. Electrical products, generally speaking, there are certain rated current and rated power, the strip is not exceptional also, if long time in more than rated power under the conditions of use, it is easy to produce high temperature, melting platooninsert will appear brown situations, such as the poor quality of platooninsert may even in the case of short circuit, fire etc. So to understand platooninsert, away from power risk, guarantee personal safety! Poor quality of the strip generally use is made of recycled plastic, low heat resistant, flame retardant low temperature. Secondly use inferior rubber power cord, easily broken, cracked, moreover internal conductors choose inferior copper wire, small thickness, large resistance, high temperature, it is easy to heat, ignition cable. Some platooninsert even the most basic security door all have no, children's fingers or metal products is easy to insert in the socket, result in electrical shock. Each exists, a fire risk is high, so high quality platooninsert ready all aspects of the basic guarantee. In the platooninsert, for example: first of all on the materials, good quality strip usually use PC material, flame temperature up to 750 ℃, accord with national safety standards. Another conductor will use new phosphor bronze production, including internal and external conductor pins, conductive performance is good, small resistance, low temperature rise. Secondly the materials on the power cord, the power cord did bold processing, shell cover USES the high quality rubber production, and through the eu CE certification, can ensure that the cable bending thousands of times will not break, can effectively ensure the safety of the line. Of course, but also to provide a safe environment for children, the protection of the outlet gate is essential, not only can prevent children because of curiosity 'play' platooninsert, also can effectively prevent dust into the inside platooninsert, improve the service life of the strip. May we often use in everyday life platooninsert, also not much of a problem, the more accustomed to the more easy to ignore, platooninsert seem harmless, but once the electric safety problems, it is likely to lead to tragedy, so high standards of strip to make life more comfortable. Co. , LTD, a professional conversion socket, conversion plugs, platooninsert/towing line board manufacturers!
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