Pipe is pipe, pipe connectors and valves for the

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-20
Pipes, pipe joints, valves and equipment on the link between the way out to take over from the nature of fluid, pressure and temperature, and pipe material, size and installation sites and other factors, mainly threaded connection, flange connection, commitment plug connection, and four methods of welding. Thread connection is mainly suitable for small diameter pipes. Do not overlook the role of compression fittings. Connection, the general part to wrap the thread connection with fluorine plastic seal, or paint Houqi, sealing around the flax and other materials to prevent leakage. Pressure of 1.6 MPa or more, the general increase in the tube end sealing gasket. This connection method is simple and can be removed heavy equipment, subject to the appropriate place in the pipe installation wood joints to facilitate disassembly. Flange for large diameter pipes. According to the fluid nature of the connection time, pressure and temperature, choose different flange and sealing gaskets, use gasket clamping bolt remain sealed. The need for frequent disassembly of the tube and pipe and equipment segment was to link the local, mostly with flange connection. Socket connection is mainly used for cast iron pipe, concrete pipe, clay pipes and couplings for connection between only applies to low ambient temperature conditions in the work of water supply, drainage and gas pipes. Connection, the general contractor jack in the first tank fill flax, cotton, or asbestos rope, asbestos cement or lead and then use the fill material fact, can also fill in the bearing socket rubber sealing ring, so good flexible, allowing a small amount of pipe movement. Welding strength and sealing connection is best for a variety of channels, the provincial labor and materials, but the removal must be cut off the tube and pipe couplings. Also, you can use the stop valve. The city's water supply, drainage, heating, for gas pipelines and long-distance oil and gas pipelines are mostly laid in the ground, and the process plant to facilitate the operation and maintenance of pipelines, more than laying on the ground. Pipeline access, support, slope and drain discharge, compensation, insulation and heating, corrosion and cleaning, identification with the painting and safety, both for laying the ground or underground installation are important issues. Ground pipelines should be avoided with road, rail and waterway crossing. When they can not avoid the cross, at the intersection across the height should allow the safe passage of pedestrians and travel. Underground pipes laid along the roads generally, the various channels to maintain proper distance between, for the installation and maintenance; heating pipe insulation surface, laying pipe in the trench or protection, should avoid being crushed and the soil pipe can be expanded to Mobile.
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