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Patent Certificate

Patent Certificate


In 2000, it was discovered that the problem of using socket defects in the world is now, (1), the conductive copper sheet is thick and can not move, and the current overload is limited. (2), conductive copper sheet, after the power is applied, the electric temperature rises 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, and the long-term heat treatment is performed, and the copper sheet loses its elasticity. (3), the conductive copper piece is inserted and bent for a long time, the metal fatigue will lose the elasticity. In summary, the conductive principle of the Americans 110 years ago caused an increase in the resistance value, and the temperature rise was too high, which caused a fire hazard in a serious situation.

After more than ten years of continuous exploration, we have sought solutions to problems. In 2010, the invention of the solution for energy-saving safe and durable sockets was invented. In 2011, it began to apply for Chinese and world invention patents, and has now obtained many national invention patents.

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