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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-08-25
It is easy to set up and does just what I want it to do so that I now never need to mess with it. I have a 1999 Honda CRV and I get excellent audio quality from my iPod. I had the device set to an empty station in my hometown, and listened to it on a trip into Portland Oregon with excellent audio quality the whole way in. When I turned unplugged the iTrip in Portland, I started receiving the radio station that was using the same frequency there. I was impressed that the iTrip was able to overpower the radio station in my car and that the audio didn't degrade. This product allows for very clear music, with good sound quality through your iPod. Also, it scans and sets your presets automatically for the radio stations that will work best according to where you are at (you can choose to turn this option off if you'd like). I have nothing negative really to say about it, other than I had to read the instructions to understand how all of the little options worked. The Mobile FM Transmitter broadcasts a powerful signal allowing you to listen to your iriver player or other portable audio device through your car stereo. It transmits to any FM frequency making it easy to listen to your music on any FM signal you choose. Blue LCD display Plugs into any standard car power socket No batteries needed Transmits to any FM station (88.1MHz 107.9MHz) Works with any audio device (plugs into the headphone jack of your player) Package Contents Items: iriver AFT-100 Mobile FM Transmitter instruction sheet. It is not impressive at first sight, but what about the sound quality? Sadly the adapter disappoints here as well. Setting up the thing is actually a smooth process: just plug it in and you're good to go. Select one of the 3 preset frequencies from any of the 3 face buttons, or manually set any frequency you desire for your radio. Once you tune into the selected frequency on your car stereo, hit play on your iPhone and that's it. While there's a lot of static to be heard if you move around your iPhone in the car, putting it closer to your radio doesn't ensure optimal audio quality either as anything in your car can cause interference with the radio signals. Often you will also hear other radio stations mixing up with your songs, forcing you to switch the frequency. As a PSA we would like to advise you not to do this while you're driving! That said, the transmitter worked just fine in terms of volume and overall FM quality whenever there was no static. It's obviously not as good as an AUX connection, but close to, or better than regular FM stations depending on signal strength. Unfortunately you will start experiencing the audio go from stereo to mono as radio interferences get in the way of an otherwise enjoyable experience.
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