Our life cannot leave platooninsert, there are a lot of friends at home and have multiple rows inserted to meet the demand of more the use of electrical appliances. But it's

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-24
Many older platooninsert are begin to use 5 years or longer time ago, at a time when hasn't been implemented platooninsert new gb, means that this is a group of old gb products. Inferior rows inserted unsafe in compatibility with the highest at the expense of his good contact resistance at the same time, some poor quality products within the sheet is easy to deformation, after long time use appear relatively obvious aging phenomenon, many products will be lighter and the situation of the poor contact, this is the need to eliminate products. Inferior platooninsert unsafe there are a lot of families in order to use convenient will modems ( The cat) And router open 24 hours a day, also part of the user is often used in the same row with high-power electric appliances, makes platooninsert aging is accelerated, and seldom be noticed by the user 'older' row should be 'retired' in time, avoid danger. General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the national standardization management committee on June 1, 2010 jointly issued the 'new gb' socket, explicitly prohibited to produce hole socket, and platooninsert standards set higher requirements. From June 1, 2011, hole socket forced to ban the sale, but until now there for small businesses will production date in May 2011 or even earlier to avoid this provision, use the old mold production products. Strip (common Images taken from taobao) Many cheap inferior platooninsert, part of the strip in order to clear stocks also have a lower price, so favored by many consumers, here it is necessary for us again. Platooninsert jack greater exposure is not enough good line of plug socket is bigger, have greater risk, especially families with children, many of the children is full of curiosity, easier to his finger into the socket to get an electric shock, and small metal objects such as screws is also easy to fall, cause potential safety hazard. Inferior platooninsert after impact and danger are easily damaged, the old rows inserted and no specification, in order to compatibility will contact with irregular shape, although you can contact with different plug, but with different plug contact area are small and easy to make contact with overheating, causing damage to the device and even fire. Inferior strip is not different with flame retardant ability and large public places, most families have no special fire fighting facilities, it is more for us to choose to have quality assurance products, while the new national standard of fire retardant on many brand products have reflected, also suitable for modern household use. A lot of friends in the home use row inserts do not pay attention to, platooninsert not bad also does not take the initiative to change, in fact it is not good. Besides should choose good quality platooninsert, also should pay attention to when using. High temperature deformation of the strip do not conform to the requirements of the safety is first and foremost link platooninsert electric power should not be too large, most brand platooninsert bear power is 2500 w, when long time use high-power electrical appliances will overheat, air conditioning, hair dryer, microwave oven, electric kettle, electric power is generally in more than 1000 w, when use, should try to stagger the time to avoid long time used at the same time. Use platooninsert don't get close to high temperature in the kitchen in a different environment should also pay attention to use platooninsert, products of cable shall not be kept where it is often stepped on in order to avoid insulation damage cause danger, the other strip subject and cables are not close to overheating, especially the use of the kitchen environment rather special, it is important to note that when arranging cables. Inferior platooninsert easily trigger a dangerous if the connection is expensive appliances or important data of the equipment, also should choose which has the function of lightning protection platooninsert, 10 - although the price will be expensive 20 yuan, but for important electrical and information protection is worth. Which has the function of lightning protection design plug, it is important to note that the lightning protection function of platooninsert to normal connection all the line to have the effect of lightning protection, users should pay attention to see the product description before use the product, right to open the corresponding security functions, so as to effectively play the protection function of the product, nip in the bud. Platooninsert security about users and electrical safety performance, at the time of use or need to cause enough attention. When selecting a strip is, of course, not function, the more the better, is not the more expensive the better, as long as according to the actual use of the environment to choose to have our brand products, ready to strip and cable arrangement, we will be able to provide safe and reasonable electricity environment.
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