Oil Filter Wrench - Why You Need One To Make Your

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-09
There's nothing more annoying than when you're prepared to replace your oil filter to discover it is jammed tight, and you don't have the correct tool to get it out. Below we will give you some information on oil filter wrench options which will allow you to perform your oil change without the filter giving you any problems. Spin-on oil filters are smooth, cylindrical canisters with knurling (flutes) all over the bottom edge. For a product so simple looking it really is surprising how hard they can be to change. You'll probably think you can unscrew them with your hands, it is sometimes tricky to get a proper grip due to a film of oil on the filter. In addition an issue can be the physical location and the tightness of the filter. Generally that means you will need an oil filter wrench. The particular kind of wrench you choose is based on the positioning of the filter mount, how much room you'll have surrounding the filter as well as how tight the filter is connected. If, for example, the area is cramped, you'll more than likely need a type which hooks up to the bottom of the filter like a socket type or spider type filter wrench. If room is not really an issue, than a band type or a pliers wrench work great since they've got long handles for added power. Typically you are likely to try out many models until eventually you find those which work well to suit your needs. A lot has to do with personal preference. Quite a few oil filter wrenches for home use can be bought for under $10.00. Although not recommended, in an emergency screwdrivers have been driven through the filter using a hammer to allow for removal. In case you ever need to do this it is important to work on the end of the filter to avoid damage to the internal oil pipe. One particular company (K&N) makes canister type filters which includes a nut welded to the end so a special wrench isn't needed. Their automotive and marine oil filters have a 1' nut welded to the top of the canister while their motorcycle and ATV filters use a 17 mm nut.
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