Now most Android phones support rapid charging technology, and used to quick charge after a lot of children's shoes just can't stand the ordinary charging tortoise speed

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-14
To at home, school, company and other places to enjoy the ease of quick charge, let's come to match a support rapid charging head. However, from the point of view of cost and practicality, strip often is more worth than separate charging head selection. Charging head efficacy is too single to where work, study and life can enjoy fast charging at any time, many children will purchase original or compatible third-party charging head, and put it in a fixed occasion. Set aside. Question, now supports fast charging head price isn't cheap, and each charge head can only be used by a mobile phone at the same time. Since are standby in a fixed place, why not choose a shuttle appliances at the same time, but also can realize the quick charge and help mobile phone of the strip? Even if later on business travel, carry mobile phone charging standard of original head enough, new platooninsert still can provide convenience for family members and colleagues classmates. Now, as you know, whether it is an electric toothbrush, hand ring, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets and other peripherals are using USB and 5 v battery charging, platooninsert body each USB peripherals is equivalent to a charging head. Quick charge scheme of compatible problems on the market now 'quick charge' selling point of the strip has a lot of, but the vast majority of products a single USB port the maximum output power of only 5 v / 2 a ~ 2. 4 a, the charging power of only 10 w ~ 12 w. So the so-called 'quick charge' 10 w platooninsert is stunt, only support at least a quick charge agreement platooninsert can truly 'quick charge strip'. Platooninsert, unfortunately, is not a replacement frequency faster devices, so it's hard to keep up with current mobile phone fast iterative step of filling technology. In a market is still belongs to the vacuum. It is important to note that many rows with will be equipped with 2 ~ 4 USB ports, they share one of the biggest total power output. The more charging mobile phones at the same time, the output power of each USB interface can be evenly distributed. Such as a row of three USB plug, total output power of 15 w, give 1 phone charging can achieve 5 v / 2 a ( 10 w) Efficiency, 2 mobile phone becomes a 5 v / 1. 5 w ( 7. 5 w) , 3 mobile phone becomes a 5 v / 1 a ( 5 w) 3 times, charging speed will be extended. Some row inserted in order to avoid similar problems, will be set to the specified USB power constant charging, the rest of the USB interface to share the rest of the output power. According to the selected platooninsert quick charge agreement
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