New gb to row in the following several aspects to have the new requirements, we also should choose from these aspects to strip

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-04-01
1, the old national standard is not mandatory Settings protect door, but the requirement of new gb increased protection door, inside the dismantling of the row I say there are mostly has yet to start the implementation of the new national standard, is to use the old gb standard, with no, or only take some protection door. 2, the new national standard adds a project called needle flame test, test strip is flame retardant effect, the time is 30 s, the flame retardant test, I also use the direct flame lit. 3, the new national standard of wire cross-sectional area did ascend, old gb is 10 a strip is 0. 75 square millimeters in standard, and the new national standard of 10 a platooninsert increased to 1 mm square, 16 a strip is 1. 5 mm square, this review, all of the strip are all the old standard wire diameter. So to understand the new national standard (after the change of Is actually the old national standard of the upgrade, for some of the more important indicators made higher requirements) Will talk about how to choose and buy platooninsert, because the new national standard is not yet apply, so now most of the row old standard plug manufacturers are still in use in the production of products, so the main points of the first take a look at the choose and buy platooninsert platooninsert point 1 of choose and buy, look for the plugs and wires, whether to have CCC certification, whether there is cross-sectional area marked on the wire, I have a graphic behind, please see above 2, brand back to choose well-known brand of heavy current, as far as possible not to choose some of the high voltage industry brand 3, whether to have clear on the packaging manufacturer information, production information 4, all these data should be with a grounding plug, do not buy platooninsert itself is only two feet with no grounding but with and strip with three holes, not to buy universal plug in the row
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