MP3 players are listened to through headphones

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-11
However, want to enjoy MP3 music through the car stereo system, you first need to connect the MP3 player to it. Depending on your car stereo system, there should be at least one option available for you to make the connection. Generally speaking, an 'Aux In' connection should be the most ideal choice, which would bring you the best sound quality. Followed by the cassette adapter or wireless adapter. The components for any of these methods can be easily found at any electronics retailer, and the price of which is relatively much cheaper, particularly you purchase online. What's better, the operation for each of these methods is very easy and straightforward. AUX Adapter. Confirm that whether your car stereo system has an auxiliary port connection, which is often referred to as 'AUX', a small port generally located on the front of your stereo panel. Plug one end of Aux cable into the 'AUX' port on the car stereo system, and connect the other end of the Aux cable into the headphone port of your MP3 player. Next, set the stereo system to 'Aux' mode and open your MP3 player. Then any sound played on MP3 device begins come out through the car's speaker system. Cassette Adapter. Make sure that you car comes with a cassette player. First, turn your car stereo on and turn the volume down. Second, insert the cassette tape adapter into cassette player. Third, insert the audio cable connected to the cassette adapter into the headphone jack port on your MP3 player. Last, turn the MP3 player on, the music will play via your car speakers. Car FM Transmitter. Insert the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter port on the car or car power socket, and connect your MP3 player with it via the audio cable. Turn on the FM transmitter, your MP3 player and the car stereo. Then search for an unused radio frequency, which can usually be found simply by pressing 'Seek' on your radio tuner. Next you need to adjust the FM transmitter frequency to the same radio frequency as what the stereo system is tuned to. Press 'Play', and you can enjoy high quality MP3 music played through the car stereo. Choose one of above methods, you can easily listen to high quality MP3 music through the car stereo. Moreover, no matter which one you choose, it won't cost you too much.
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