Microsoft's Windows 7's knack for running without

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-20
The screen is black when you start Win7 Solution. This panic inducing problem is often attributed to minor problems with your graphics Card or the cable that connects it to the monitor. First, check that your monitor is plugged into A power socket and that the monitor cable (either Video Graphics Array (VGA) or Digital Visual Interface (DVI)) is firmly connected to both the monitor and your computer's graphics Port. If the monitor flickers when moving the cable, there might be a problem with the cable Itself, so try a replacement cable if you have one. Another possibility is that your graphics card's drivers need to be updated (this is particularly Likely if you just installed Win7 and are booting into the operating system for the first time). Restart your computer and press the 'F8' key during the boot process. When the 'Advanced Boot Options' screen appears, use the arrow keys to highlight 'Enable Low Resolution Video (640x480)', press 'Enter', and wait for Win7 to start. When it does, visit your graphics Card manufacturer's Web site and download the latest drivers for your card. Install the drivers And restart Win7. If your computer has integrated graphics instead of a discrete graphics Card, use 'Windows Update' (click 'Start', click 'All Programs', and click 'Windows Update') to obtain the most recent drivers. When upgrading from Vista, the Win7 installation process stops at 62% Solution. Win7 can hang at various points during the installation process for different reasons, But one problem occurs more often than others. If your installation stops at precisely 62%, it's Likely because a service has stopped responding. To fix the problem, restart your computer And let it roll back to Vista. Once you're back in Vista, click 'START', right click 'COMPUTER' And click 'PROPERTIES', Select 'Advanced System Settings on the left menu. Choose the 'Advanced' tab, click 'Environment Variables', and click the 'New' button under 'System Variables'. Next, type 'MIG_UPGRADE_IGNORE_PLUGINS' in the 'Variable Name' field, type 'IphlpsvcMigPlugin.dll' in the 'Varible Value' field, and then click 'OK'. Click 'OK' to close the 'Environment Variables box, click 'OK' to close the 'System Properties' box, and then shut down your computer. Repeat the Win7 upgrade process. You're unable to join a homegroup Solution. Win7 has eased the home networking process through its use of homegroups, which Help automate network creation. However, if you're unable to join a homegroup on your Network, first make sure that a homegroup actually exists. If the homegroup was created On another computer, check to make sure the homegroup has been created on that computer And that it is turned on. After verifying that the homegroup does exist, check that you're Connected to the network by clicking the Network icon in your Taskbar. If you're not, click 'Start'. Open the 'Control Panel', click 'Network' and 'Internet', and open the 'Network and Sharing Center'. Click 'Connect To A Network' and follow the instructions to connect to your Local network. If you're still unable to connect to the homegroup, make sure your network location is set to 'Home' by opening the 'Network And Sharing Center', clicking 'Public Network' (or 'Work Network'), and then clicking 'Home Network'. You can also check to see if 'Network Discovery' is turned off, which would prevent you from accessing the home network. In the Left panel of the 'Network And Sharing Center', click 'Change Advanced Sharing Settings', Click the 'Down' arrow button to expand the 'Home Or Work' profile, and select the 'Turn On Network Discovery' radio button. Click 'Save Changes' when finished. If you're still having problems, make sure the required homegroup-related services are Running. Click 'Start', open the 'Control Panel', select 'System And Security', select 'Administrative Tools', and double click 'Services' (You may be prompted for an Admin password here, so make sure you have it handy before trying this step). Scroll to the 'Homegroup Provider' service under the 'Name' column and make sure 'Started' appears under the 'Status' column. If it doesn't, double click the 'Homegroup Provider' entry, click the 'Start' button, and click 'OK'. Repeat this process for the 'Peer Networking Grouping' service.
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