Meaning of Winsock and IP

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-13
Winsock defines the standard interface between the client's application of Windows IP and its underlying protocol stack. Its nomenclature is dependent on Berkeley Sockets API that is used in BSD for the purpose of communicating programs. Initially, there was much debate with respect to its name change as there was confusion regarding API and DLL file, which exposed Winsock interface to the applications beyond it. Users believed that presence of DLL file on any system will provide complete IP support. Most of internet connection problems arise due to corrupt settings of Winsock. Winsock settings developed corrupt features because of installation of networking software or even due to a Malware infestation. In such cases, internet can be accessed but packets present therein cannot be transferred easily. So, errors like the page cannot be displayed can occur while using Internet Explorer. Internet Protocol (IP) is the chosen word used on World Wide Web for the purpose of referencing a standard rule for communicating between different computers. It is regarded as standard language for communication between computers and includes searching for the various web addresses. Almost all the networks are depending and relying on this IP due to its reliability and the way it acts and holds together the entire network system. Its acceptance is universal and so, the programmers use IP as lingua franca of different types of network communications. Various standard tools of connectivity are used for accessing and transferring data between the systems. These tools really are very popular and user-friendly. IP supports different interfaces. A very popular interface known as Winsock or Microsoft Windows Socket is best for the users who wants to server applications and develop clients. All of these applications can be ported easily with the help of Winsock. It is, therefore, a great tool that helps in developing the socket applications meant for the other platforms. IP, therefore, is backbone for those users who route the data from one particular network to another. This protocol provides standards which are set in a way that it can interact properly with the computer and connect and communicate with each other. Operating systems like Windows XP Professional rely heavily on some of this IPs for logging in, printing on network, copying and sending files via a network. This is the basic function performed by this IP. Routing and addressing packets to the hosts is an important responsibility of IP. This, however, does not guarantee arrival of the packets and their sequence. It actually provides connection-less packet delivery for other protocols. It does not even deal with the process of recovering these packet errors like lost information contained within it. Higher protocols, therefore, are responsible for checking packet errors and arrival of them sequentially. However, in case the IP address gets cloned or duplicated on network, then communication within the area of network fails. So, while configuring any valid and static address of IP, it is necessary to consult the network administrator.
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