Many users are disappointed by the gateway battery

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-08
First of all, let us have a look at the the most common symptoms of a gateway laptop power problem: Your laptop randomly powers off for no reason. If you plug in your charger the laptop appears to be dead with no signs of battery or power L.E.D activity. Your laptop will only run on battery power and will not work once the charger has been plugged into the power socket. You plug your charger into the laptop and it does not appear to charge the battery. If you wiggle the charger when it is plugged in to the DC jack the power and battery L.E.D.s flash or maybe you can only get your gateway laptop to work if you hold the charger at a certain angle. All of the above are what is commonly reported when people have a gateway laptop power problem but don't go rushing off to have it fixed at a service center because most are not trained to carry out the repair. Repairing your gateway laptop power problem yourself is easier than you may think as it has been covered in many laptop repair guides which have clear step by step videos and instructions to guide you along so you should be just fine if you can manage a simple bit of soldering. Gateway laptops have many integrated energy-saving features that help save battery time and extend operation period. There is a feature that turns off the display automatically when the laptop remains unused for a specific time period. Similarly, there are functions to reduce battery draw in case the laptop remains idle for a long period. There are several other things that users can do to conserve their Gateway laptop batteries energy: Remove inessential or unused add-ons, such as printers, and external storage devices, to delay depletion of battery. Accessing the Internet for a long period of time can also dry up the battery. Using anti-virus software when not required can also drain the battery. That is, turn off the software when you are not using Internet. A common problem with gateway and many other brand laptops is that sometimes the DC power jack becomes faulty or loose which could be the root of your gateway laptop power problems.
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