Land Line Telephone General Help

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-05-14
Landlines, officially no longer the only convenient method of keeping in verbal communications with people near and far, however it is still a very important piece of modern technology. Many UK business and home users are now able to have good quality broadband services via the same two wires that give voice communications for land line phones. Currently landlines still remain a popular choice; and in many cases a mandatory requirement for new connections to some property security monitoring services, TV entertainment packages, and of course many ADSL broadband internet connections. With all this functionality provided from just two wires and a bit of high-tech equipment at either end, it will come as no surprise that from time to time things do go wrong. Getting land line telephone and broadband faults fixed can often be a frustrating and a time-consuming effort, so what can we do as service user to minimise service down time? One key point of importance is an understanding of something called the demarcation point, this is the point at which maintenance responsibility for your land line telephone and equipment changes from your service provider to yourself. Generally UK demarcation points for landlines are often classed as the master socket or NTE (network terminating equipment). In many cases master sockets are located inside a property. However as part of the drive to increase installation time efficiency some large communications service providers are now installing external NTE's with integrated master socket components. This leaves one other large group of installations that often do not comply with the convenient, clearly distinguishable demarcation point wiring configuration, older properties. This can often make establishing the origin of any faults a little more difficult for the average service user. Regardless of your demarcation point configuration, here are a few points you can consider to help keep things working. Ensure both internal and external wiring are in good condition. Use external cable for external cable runs. Extra telephone extensions socket points must be installed correctly. Do not over load your line, limit your self to 4 devices in use at any one time. Always filter all socket / devices in use on a broadband enabled land line. Consider any cables that run under high foot traffic carpet areas. Plan your cabling before any building or renovation work. Remember that some phones do not function at all without mains power. Having more than one master socket can often cause technical problems. DIY extensions leads can often interfere with broadband connections. Do not position telephone sockets close to any wet or damp areas. Consider cabling when fitting windows, doors or flooring. Information about testing at your master socket can be found in your telephone directory or on the BT website, as well as many internet service providers websites & forums. When you have gone as far as you can to resolve a land line fault you will have to either accept the possibility of paying a standard call out charge from your service provider or find an independent local telephone engineer.
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