It has happened to most of us at moment or another;

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-06-20
Being unable to locate adaptors or even step-down transformers when on holiday or at a club can be a nightmare and often cost a mint - and you find yourself either being charged too much or without your gadgets for the duration of your stay. The EU, and more importantly Spain, being one of the most sought after timeshare locations has meant that buying travel adaptors is much, more easier than it was. So really it is more the case of being armed with the best know-how so you can be pleased in the fact that you will not be in for a bad shock when you get to your cottage or apartment. Whenever you plan on having electrical appliances on vacation there are two things you must first make known; firstly, the type of plug, secondly - and far more significantly- the voltage. The plug/socket type is significant as it will physically determine whether or not you can actually plug your appliance in. Spain uses a round, two pin Euro plug - a common thing in Europe of which you will also see in France, Germany and other destinations. I must impart here that the voltage is the most significant thing that you ensure is correct, this is because you could fry your gadget or potentially start an electrical fire. To check your voltage you must be aware of the 'input' inscribed on the plug or AC adaptor depending on what you are using. In some cases where the information can't be found you can look at the manual or contact the manufacturer for more information. Once you locate the information you need to look for a number ending in a 'V' which means the voltage. Some gadgets can run off different voltages for e.g. 100-240v means that it will work anywhere within 100 volts or 240 volts or 115/230v means it can be switched between either 115 or 230v. If there is only a single number (i.e. 120v) that states it can be that voltage only. A nAmerican appliance (typically 120v) being used in Europe would not function, because European mains use 220-240v. If you were to just use an adaptor in this case without changing the voltage this would at best 'fry' the device and render it useless. The Spanish national grid runs off 220-240v, so if you're based in Europe, the UK or anywhere else which uses the same, you just need is the correct plug adaptor. If you were coming from further afeild like the US or Canada, where the voltage is is different, you will require a step-up/step-down transformer. The transformer can 'step-up' the voltage or 'step-down' depending on the voltage, making sure that your gadget is not damaged. It has to be said that if you plan on making use of your Anfi timeshare year after year you may want to look into getting gadgets which will run straight off the mains, although if you've got floating weeks in different countries or Diamond Resorts Points (DRI points), you still should prepare yourself first.
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