Is installation service provided for UK socket ?
Please consult Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd. Customer Service if you need installation service provided for socket . For any technical product, industrial or commercial, it is important that an after-sales technical service team is thoroughly trained. More important is the fact that the "Do and Not Do" as well as "How To" should also be communicated to the customer in turn. Instructions for the use of the product, including training manuals, customers training and technical assistance available for the product should all be communicated to the customers.

Tietong Power has gained world-wide reputation for its top quality France socket. Tietong Power focuses on providing a variety of UK socket for customers. The quality of LIUJIEGOU UK socket is assured. The frames and lenses are subjected to a variety of mechanical and optical tests. And the final product is checked in terms of performance characteristics. Featuring multi-voltage charging, it safely and efficiently recharges different devices. This product greatly meets customers' particular requirements with its outstanding characteristics. Designed with a protection system, it protects people against electric shock.

Tietong Power promotes green, low-carbon environmental protection concepts. Ask!
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