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by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-23
In this regard, we have planned multitudinous result-oriented courses like mobile Phone Repairing, laptop Motherboard Repairs, and Hardware & Networking Courses etc , printer repairing. Further to make our aspirants more dashing and expert in their activity we further render training in various other courses congener as vocal English, Memory Enhancement, Vedic Mathematics, and streak reinforcement among otherwise to build immense confidence in them. We believe that no one can serve as trained for apportionment professional courses just by books, notes & lectures; rather pertinent & adequate hand-on training is imperforate part of the course designed to prepare a student prospecting a craft. We provide our students shadow replete the necessary equipment & tools and earmark them enough occasion to adjust their knowledge practically. Since our students come from both urban and rural areas, we use English and Hindi including major regional languages & accent as the mediums of language to unravel them. Job Opportunities We very confidently certifies complete the prospective students for sure to end their expected job & career alternative after the completion of the course they opine enrolled themselves. As per our record, there are hardly constituent ex- students who are unemployed. Most of them have opened their own commotion establishment and are prominence position to offer jobs to others besides loiter is employed in good also reputed mobile repairing service centers. To help our students in their job search we have also designed a separate Placement Cell which assists our students clout settlement suitable jobs with good riches parcel and provide reaction tips and management skills to undertake their grant big idea. Cache the rapid augment in mobile phone users across the country, our courses establish priceless job guarantee and high success rate in business. Many of our ex-students are earning between Rs.10, 000 to Rs.30, 000 per month in business easily. Besides this, those who are enrolled in Hardware & Networking and Laptop Repairing Courses have and chock-full opportunities to work with different services centers of renowned organizations and to open their own business establishments/shops. Further, we offer courses as Spoken English, Memory Enhancement, Interview Preparation, streak development, Computer Accountancy and Vedic Mathematics that help students in building their confidence and career by enhancing their employability and dynamism to succeed in life and bag. In the present scenario, it is essential to be an all-rounder and we provide all skills that are principal for the overall development of individual seeing an entrepreneur. Our deeper Edge There are poles apart institutes, which offer Mobile Repairing Courses, but why students should aggregate Hi-tech Institutes of expressive Phone Services and Training is due to the next reasons that make vivid us from others: Wide varieties of technical and non-technical courses to group from. These courses are oftentimes of short durations also of low investment: Thus moulding students employable in short duration suppress minimum investment. Experienced Faculty Members. Well planned and organized syllabus. Computerized and manual training. Emphasis on practical knowledge. Various other courses such as Laptop Repairing Course, Hardware and Networking, Vedic Mathematics, English Speaking Course and others to ensure intact round perfecting of a student. Well adept Labs & charm whack with technical Projectors, Computer Machines, 24/7 faculty back-up, etc. Regular updates of the industry, even after fruition of the course to aliment a student plugged in of latest technological development. Life Time Technical Assistance. Hostel Facility. Assistance over Loan from recognized bank after fulfilling criteria of the bank. Placement Assistance.
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