In the socket connection, can often see in socket bottom box L and N such a letter. A lot of friends don't understand what the L and N represents the socket, we have today

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-29
Power socket inside the letter L and N represents the connection, to the corresponding wire type. L said is firewire, N represents the zero line. If there is the letter E, it means to ground wire. When mounted socket, the wire is usually brown, zero line is blue, and the ground wire is green and yellow line. This before installing the power socket, be sure to keep in mind that in mind, so as to avoid the wrong wire position. In addition, when wiring, also need to pay attention to some details. Such as the three hole socket of the zero line is on the lower left interface, wire is on the lower right interface. Socket and switch is together, need to zero on N socket interface, and then put a fire in line to the switch, then will come out from the switch interface wire socket on L interface.
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