In recent years, as people material life level enhancement, equipped with the home appliances more and more, more and more intelligent, per capita digital devices

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-25
The weekly quality report according to the report, some departments in recent years, the quality of strip test results found that the fraction defective is very high, workers say, in two times of testing this year, the product is not coincidence rate was as high as 100%. There are quite a number of products in the electric leakage protection also pose a safety hazard, one of the serious problem is that the lug plate grounding device is missing, some price lower lug plate using two Angle plug, even no grounding device, this kind of product once encountered electrical leakage, it is easy to lead to get an electric shock accident conditions, such as the user at the same time, countries have banned sales of universal adaptor still sales in the market. In addition, there are a lot of strip products on the market are not equipped with protection door, increased the risk of electric shock accident, according to statistics, every year of deaths caused by electric shock accident accounted for 10 of accidental deaths. 6%, among which the electric shock caused by platooninsert unprotected door accounted for a large proportion. These there are serious security hidden danger platooninsert are belong to the category of not upgrade the old traditional platooninsert, due to low standards, unqualified material, single function, the strip itself not only in using spontaneous combustion, such as fire accident may occur at any time, charging for intelligent device is also easy to damage to the equipment, causing explosions, fires, endangers one's personal property safety. Under this situation, focus on intelligent charging equipment products for more than a decade - targeting the market demand, launched with USB interface, can be directly for the intelligent charging device of intelligent strip. Added - intelligent platooninsert overload protection device, intelligent identification by current, both traditional household appliances use electricity, or intelligent equipment life safety are higher. It completely solved the intelligent recognition technology with traditional platooninsert, instead, recharge intelligent device still need to match the charger. In addition to the intelligent design, product wins the external and internal material of intelligent strip materials also worth noting. With traditional platooninsert shell USES mostly recycled plastics, color yellow and relatively vulnerable, product wins intelligent platooninsert adopts pure white new PC material case, through the RoHs environmental certification, and adopted the VO level fire engineering plastics, with 750 ° burning test results show that the characteristics of flame retardant. And the internal materials, and most of the strip using 0. 5 mm of copper is different, product wins intelligent strip using 0. 6 mm of phosphor bronze, strong electrical conductivity, good elasticity, the heaviest if heat resistant, long service life and much safer. At the same time, the product wins intelligent plug socket parts are joined the safety door design, can prevent children put hands or other things such as the metal insert it effectively prevent electric shock, leakage and other security hidden danger. In order to promote consumers will use platooninsert upgrading, to ensure the safety of electricity, the product wins recently launched a nationwide 'to old change new, smart and upgrading' and 'the bomb' online offline activities, participants in gold map search, or into a 'scrappage or' bomb 'poster stores to participate in the activities. CCTV, according to the statistical data, more than half in the fire caused by electrical are caused by improper use or use inferior platooninsert. Many harrowing accidents often happen around us in the alert: we don't take lightly when using platooninsert, still use the old traditional platooninsert family for smart platooninsert should upgrade immediately replaced. Use of high quality, with the function of protection platooninsert, and buy from legitimate business, don't covet is cheap, because have more serious consequences. 吗?
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