If You've Got a Socket Set You Can Change a Tire!

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-05-04
Are you someone who enjoys being a do it yourselfer and fixing things around your house? Maybe you've taught yourself some carpentry, built a tool shed a dog house or work bench in your garage. How about tinkering with small engine repairs on the gas power equipment you've bought? You learned how to work on your gas engine lawn mower, weed trimmer, chainsaw and maybe a snow thrower. You probably have a tool collection of socket sets, hammers, reciprocating or circular saws and will try to fix just about anything. But what about your car, have you been afraid to touch anything on your car? Have you left that entirely to the professional at your local car dealership or the tow truck driver? There are a lot of small uncomplicated things you can putter with on your car. Granted you're not going to want to use your hammer and saw, but there's a lot your socket set can do on your car. Especially if you've invested in a high quality chromium vanadium (CV) steel alloy socket set. Those are particularly strong tools and can stand up to hard to remove nuts and deliver a lot of torque. How about changing a tire? Many of us have never tried to do this. Bad Idea, you should at least learn how to set up your jack and learn how to take off your lug nuts. I've never liked the lug nut wrench that comes with a car. I'd rather put together a socket set with a strong ratchet wrench and a socket to fit your lug nuts. If you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere at night where there's no cell phone signal and have a flat you'll feel a lot better about your situation if you can change the tire yourself. You can easily learn how to replace your car's spark plugs. All you need is to add a good car spark plug socket to your tools. You've probably changed your small engine spark plugs with the socket set you have. Changing a car's spark plugs needs a little more care, but you can do it. You might want to get a friend who's done it before to look over your shoulder while you're doing it. Don't be afraid, it's not that hard. Make sure you know exactly which spark plug wire goes on the spark plug you're changing and do them one at a time so wires can't be mixed up. There are a lot of little things you can do with your socket set wrench and some torx bits. What are those? Those are for screws that you find in cars that have a star on the screw head. Why do they use them on cars? I'm not sure I know. Anyway, you'll need them for little fixes like getting into the mechanism inside seat belt cover to them when they don't recoil properly. You will also need them for little you want to do like replacing a piece of trim that's been damage. You can find a lot of information on the web about car repair and the tools you'll need. You may even get interested enough in car repair to take some classes and learn about socket drivers and impact socket sets. But don't be intimidated, you can do this. You'll be happy you learned and happy about not paying a mechanic to do it for you. Believe me: if you've got a socket set you can change a tire.
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