HP has a long reputation of delivering powerful

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-07-27
Dull Covering The new Laptop from HP is no wonder is a dull square Laptop with a dull blue blazer like look and it may be a interesting for those working in IT section of your company. The aluminum based lid of the HP Laptop is accompanied with the tungsten based deck and keyboard. The Laptop is thicker than we expected it to be may be it has to do something with the drainage system that is built in. However the thickness of 1.3 inches is more than we would have expected. The size of the Laptop without the AC adaptor is 4.7 pounds and I guess that is too heavy for the 13-inch Laptop. Laptop is also powered by the island style keyboard. HD Web Cam HP's new model has been accomplished with a HD webcam with a highest resolution of 1280x720 pixel which is an added advantage for the 13-inch laptop as many manufacturer have yet not come up with the HD webcam. The Laptop is more convincing as business Laptop as it has ports DisplayPort instead of HDMI-out. The have included Express Card slot at the expense of USB 3.0. Though you get wireless on/off button on the top of the keyboard but that would not help as they can never replace the USB 3.0 which very essential for the future devices. The docking option is also available but that goes without says it comes by default with almost all the HP laptops. Configuration Laptop has some powerful software for the security of the Laptop and features like TMP chip and Intel's vPro Platform which will enable you IT department to take care of the computer efficiently. The hard drive is much smaller than you would expect, 320 GB is far less than what other have been offering. However Intel Core i5-2410M processor with max turbo of 2.3 GHz is a bench mark for the 13-inch screen Laptop and I guess it is the best HP could have offered. Battery Life and Performance Like most of the business Laptop HP ProBook 6360b does not have a dedicated graphic card and it does not support many of the Graphics games but with the integrated Intel HD 3000 you can play some low end graphic games or some casual games. The six cell battery included a powerful 6 hr backup and lets you do most of your important work without looking for the power socket. Thus this laptop is good enough for you to work for the long meting and presentation.
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