How to Safely Clean Laptop Keys

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-05-27
OK, so the other day you spilled a bit of soda onto your new laptop keyboard, and the next day arrives and some of the laptop keys do not come back up when you press them down. That is no big deal. There is no reason to send your laptop away to have its keyboard replaced. It can cost $50 to have a laptop's keyboard replaced. All that is needed to clean them are a few household items. Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you incorrectly pop off and break the mechanism under your keyboard keys ending up with a broken computer. Some keys, mainly the non-square ones, are trickier to get off and are sometimes not as simple as just 'popping them off' because they have metal prongs or clasps. Materials Needed: 1 cue-tip per couple of keyboard keys glass of water a small thin object used as leverage to pop off the laptop key (pocket-knife, car key, etc) Directions: Make sure your computer is off when working with the hardware. Normally, pouring liquid onto just your keyboard is not that harmful, but since it is a laptop, the liquid could seep into more important components of your computer and cause harm to your computer and possibly yourself. Take the pocket-knife and wedge it in between the sticky key and the base of the keyboard. Your fingernail can also be used as a wedge of it is long enough. Mine are not. You can pop off and clean more than one at a time, just be sure of the keyboard's layout so you do not get confused when replacing the laptop keys. Lift up with the pocket-knife and pop off the key. It might take a little more force than you feel comfortable with, but that is OK. Most keyboard keys are fastened kind of tightly by two very small pieces of plastic and 2 indentations in the key socket. They also tend to be much flatter than a normal desktop keyboard's keys, hence the need of a pocket-knife. Touch the end of a cue-tip to the water ever so slightly. You just want it to be damp - not dripping. Fun Fact: Most electronic devices will be fine if you splash water on them as long as they are completely dry before power is turned back on. Use the cue-tip to clean the underside of the laptop key, the laptop key socket, and the area directly around the socket. The cue-tip makes sure that you lift up all of the stickiness that might be hiding in small places. Replace the key you just cleaned, and press it a few times to make sure it works properly. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your laptop no longer has sticky keys.
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