How about Tietong Power R&D team?
R&D strength occupies a pivotal position in an enterprise since it will promote the development of the enterprise itself. Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd., for the purpose of advancing ourselves, has set up an R&D team consisting of industry experts and senior technicians. They are engaged in researching and developing american power socket for years and have rich experience in implementing multiple projects. They have profound knowledge of product characteristics and an in-depth understanding of the development and changes of the industry. Almost all of our new types of products are the offspring of them.

Tietong Power is known as a leading manufacturer for China socket. Tietong Power focuses on providing a variety of US Socket for customers. The product stands out for its durability. It has passed the durability testing under circumstances such as extreme temperatures (hot or cold), contamination, excessive pressures, flow, speeds, and load. No contact failure will occur on this product. The product has brought many benefits to customers owing to the efficient sales network. The thickness of the copper sheet can be customized to increase the current conduction.

Tietong Power is committed to satisfying every customer with good service. Please contact us!
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