How about the application prospect of power strips produced by Tietong Power?
Power strip is now positioned by Zhuhai Tietong Power Co., Ltd. as a product of strong competitiveness in the industry. Its application fields vary. This can be attributed to the R&D carried out by us and even all enterprises in the industry. Its application cannot be restricted to the current situation. With significant investment, it certainly will be developed further and its application prospect will be clear.

Tietong Power is famous at home and abroad for manufacturing top quality of US Socket. Tietong Power focuses on providing a variety of Germany socket for customers. The production of LIUJIEGOU germany electrical outlet covers the following stages: mechanical structure design, control system design, metal materials preparation, flame-cutting, welding, powder coating, and assembly. The thickness of the copper sheet can be customized to increase the current conduction. The product has the desired durability. Its robust structure, mainly constructed of heavy-duty metals, can withstand numerous times of abuse. It can be customized to suit applications in different countries.

Tietong Power is committed to becoming a sustainable company in France socket field. Please contact.
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