Household and the influence of the circuit connection mode:

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-03-31
Power supply circuit circuit of low voltage power lines with two lines, one called the line of fire, a name is zero, there are 220 v voltage between them. Watt-hour meter location: power lines before by other components, first watt-hour meter, also can say watt-hour meter to pick up on the dry road; Role: measuring the user in a certain period of time consumption of electricity; Nameplate data: 220 v refers to the rated voltage watt-hour meter, 10 a refers to the maximum current, watt-hour meter allows 1500 r/kW · h refers to the electricity consumption per 1 kW · h, watt-hour meter dial turned 1500 turn, Reading method: write down the start time value, and then write down the end time value, the difference between the two is the time consumption of electrical energy, pay attention to the last digit for the decimal part, unit for KWH, also known as degree. Main switch position: after the watt-hour meter, the fuse before; Connection methods: sometimes with double switch control line and zero line at the same time, sometimes with a single-pole switch control wire only. Fuse: role: when current in a circuit, automatic fuse, cut off the circuit; Material: larger resistivity and low melting point of lead antimony alloy; Principle: according to joule's law Q = I2Rt shows that the resistance of the fuse is large, by the current is larger, at the same time more heat, temperature rise is higher, and fuse and low melting point, so can quickly fusing; Choice: fuse fusing current slightly greater than the family circuit allows maximum current, cannot use more coarse fuse, more can't replace the fuse with copper wire or iron wire. Connect electrical appliances: household electrical appliances, to power a mobile home appliances; Location: after the fuse; Connection: each with parallel connection between electrical appliances, both to ensure the electrical appliances between each other, and use at the ends of the electric voltage 220 v. Control switch position: use electrical control switch should be put in use between the electrical and fire, do not allow on electrical appliances and the zero line. Role: socket circuit in the family in socket for mobile electrical power supply; Categories: divided into fixed and movable socket outlet, is divided into two holes and three hole socket outlet; The role of the three hole socket: two of the three hole socket hole connect wire and zero line respectively, another hole are grounded, so that, when inserted the three pin plug, connect with electrical appliances metal shell and the earth. Summary: family circuit components: generally speaking, into the common family circuit line, watt-hour meter, master switch, insurance device, electrical appliances, sockets, wires, etc. Into the line into line and zero line, they use test pencil to distinguish, can make test pencil neon glow wire, can't make neon glow is zero. ( Test pencil metal nut should contact with the hand) ( Left zero right fire) Circuits with wire and zero line and the ground wire, single fuse on the wire, switch on the line of fire. Electric installation, the zero line, wire walking side by side, the zero line directly into the lamp holder. Wire through the switch into the socket. If the light bulb screws, wire tail center, spiral socket zero line. Socket installation, two holes left hole socket to zero, the right hole connect wire; Three hole socket on the left side of the hole to the zero line, wire on the right side of the hole, hole in the middle of the ground line, the so called 'left right in the fire ground zero'. If the fuse in the socket, they can fuse on the wire. Is parallel between plug and socket, socket and lamp is parallel, between various kinds of electrical appliances are parallel.
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