Hip replacement surgery in India is one of the

by:LIUJIEGOU     2020-09-05
Hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure in which the hip joints are replaced by prosthetic implants. Hip replacement surgery in India helps patients in their orthopedic related problem. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement. The hip is one of the body's largest weight-bearing joints and is made up of two main parts - a ball at the top of thigh bone that fits into a rounded socket in pelvis. Ligament keeps the ball in the socket and stabiles the whole joint. The ball moves smoothly in its socket on a lining of shock-absorbing cartilage. If the joint becomes damaged through injury or other condition, it will become stiff and painful. That is the time when hip replacement surgery is recommended. The human hip is one of the most important joint in the body. It is the major joint between the thighbone and the pelvis and trunk. It plays a crucial part in standing, walking, and running and even in keeping chest straight when sitting. When hip surgery is required, it is most often a total hip replacement surgery. The surgeons remove the damaged joint and replace it with an artificial joint. Modern replacement joints typically consist of a metal ball and ceramic, metal or plastic socket. After making an incision, the damage cartilage and joints are removed. The artificial socket is attached to the pelvic side and the replacement ball is attached to the femur. After the hip replacement surgery is complete, patients will be monitored for vital signs and pain level. Steps will be taken to avoid complications. This may include compression cuffs and the administration of blood thinners. These steps are taken to prevent blood clots forming in the legs. Patients may be asked to walk as soon as the day following surgery for further movement. Patients who undergo hip replacement surgery are said to follow several exercises that maybe taught by physical therapists for faster recovery. Exercise and activity are given as per patient's age and condition. This exercise should become a part of the patient's routine. However the physical therapists, should consult to the surgeons about the limitation of the patients. Any wrong movement may cause dislocation of the new hip.
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